Private Email Hosting: Good Choice For Your Website?

Should you purchase private email hosting for your new or existing website, or is getting a free email account from Gmail or Outlook fine? In my opinion the private option is better and I’ll explain why in this article.

Benefit #1 Of Private Email Hosting: No Ads

The first benefit of private email hosting is that there are no ads. All the free email providers have to pay for the infrastructure running the service and they do so through ads. That’s why you see ads at the top of your inbox or within the middle of your inbox. And depending on the provider some will scan the contents of your email to server more personalized ads. So if you’re concerned about privacy, or if you don’t like seeing ads, then purchasing private email hosting is the way to go.

Personally, after using this service for over a year it’s so nice not seeing ads when I load up the webmail client on my computer. If you use the phone app from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or whoever you will still see ads while browsing your inbox. Again, they have to pay for the servers and bandwidth somehow. Of course you could get around this by checking your mail through a different client on your phone or computer.

Benefit #2 Of Private Email Hosting: It Improves Your Brand

The second benefit of this service is how it improves your brand. You want your email address to match your website’s domain. I’ll use my business as an example. My online store is Let’s All Meat and its website address is I use private email hosting and all my email addresses have the domain. I couldn’t have that if I used the free versions of Gmail or Outlook.

However, I see businesses use “” or “” or other similar email addresses all the time. It’s printed on the side of their cars or on their business cards. Every time I see that I shake my head. It dilutes the brand and just looks bad.

Final Benefit: It’s Inexpensive

The final benefit of private email hosting is its cost: It’s inexpensive!

I use the service from Namecheap and the regular price starts at $14.88 a year. The price increases as the features increases, and it tops out at $68.88 a year. Again, these are the regular prices but Namecheap likes to run sales frequently so you can usually snag a nice discount from these prices. Right now there’s 45% off discount which can’t be beat!

Now let’s review how much Google Workspace costs. While this service isn’t private, it gives individuals a custom email address. The cheapest plan starts at $6 per month or $72 a year. While Google Workspace provides more feature than just email hosting, I would only suggest you purchase this unless you need those additional features.

Looking at the Exchange Online plans the most basic plan starts at $4 a month or $48 a year. Just like the Google Workspace, this is only worth the price if you need to use the additional features that comes with Exchange Online.

However, if you just need email only then private email hosting prices can’t be beat!

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