Professionalism Is Key To Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur I have dealings with many others. Sometimes I interact with great ones who know their stuff. Other times I deal with a business owner who is unprepared or doesn’t have the time to answer my questions. While I understand everyone has bad days when we go to work we can’t allow that to ruin our interactions. That is why professionalism is key to entrepreneurs. Without it you may lose your customers or even your business.

Reason #1 Why Professionalism Is Key To Entrepreneurs: You Can Lose Your Reputation

The first reason why professionalism is key to entrepreneurs because if you’re unprofessional you can lose your reputation. Not only could you lose it with your peers, like fellow business owners, but also your customers. Let’s focus on the former for this section.

Being a successful self-employed individual comes when you solve problems for your customers. Those customers can be other business owners. Thus, if you show those individuals how unprofessional you are by your actions or how to speak to them or even your employees, your reputation will take a hit.

Remember that the world isn’t that large a place anymore due to the Internet and Social Media. If you treat someone poorly he or she will run to the Internet to recount the bad interaction. Within minutes you could see the reputation of your name and the name of your business plummet. And when that happens it’s tough to rebuild it. Sometimes entrepreneurs can’t rebuild their reputation and must close down their business and leave the industry.

So if you have a disagreement with a customer and want to berate them or provide poor service, take a step back and breath. Don’t allow your anger or dissatisfaction to ruin your business.

Reason #2 Why Professionalism Is Key To Entrepreneurs: You Can Lose Your Customers

The second reason why professionalism is key to entrepreneurs is that you can lose customers quickly. And those customers can keep potential customers from using your services.

I had a conversation with my mom recently about some poor service she received from a beautician recently. My mom told me that the woman, also the owner and beautician, would be mean to her customers by remarking on the status of their hair. In addition, if she disagreed with what the customer requested she would pester them. This made her customer argue back to get the style they wanted.

Because of this my mom stopped using that beautician’s services. In turn, the owner called her several times trying to get my mom to go back. And it seems my mom wasn’t the only customer who left for good. She saw some other women who frequented the salon out shopping one day and they said they left too. And they left for the same reason: Poor customer service and the owner being unprofessional.

So if you find yourself disagreeing with a customer’s request you can kindly try to persuade them to choose something different but you ultimately have to do what they ask (within reason). It’s no good to argue with them. And it’s definitely no good to comment on the state of their appearance. You never know what your customers are going through.

Final Reason: No One Will Trust You

The final reason why professionalism is key to entrepreneurs is that if you are unprofessional no one will trust you.

I didn’t trust the judgement of the poorly-acting business owners. Why should I? Their immaturity showed me who they were. And I didn’t want to invest any of my time or money into those individuals.

Plus, if I partner with any of them what would happen to my reputation? People would think that I was like them and would stop working with me. I don’t want my name to be dragged in the mud and possibly ruin my business. Neither should you.

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