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PS VR2 Launches In February With A High Price

ps var2 launches in february
The PlayStation VR2 launches in February 2023 with a price tag of $549.99 USD, which is more expensive than the PS5 console.

We finally got details about the release date of the PlayStation VR2 in a new blog post on the PlayStation Blog. The PS VR2 launches in February 22, 2023 with a price tag of $549.99 USD. This makes the accessory more expensive then the actual PS5 console it connects to. And you can purchase the charging station for the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller separately.

PS VR2 Launches In February And Shocks Everyone With The Price Tag

The price revelation shocks those on social media and I agree with them. At a price tag of $549.99 USD (or €599.99 Euros, £529.99 Pounds, ¥74,980 Yen) the accessory is more expensive than the PS5. For the high price consumers get the PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers and stereo headphones. Again, consumers can purchase the charging station separately. That retails for $49.00 USD (or €49.99 Euros, £39.99 Pounds, ¥5,480 Yen). However, the charging station isn’t required as one can charge the controllers via the PS5’s USB ports. Yet, I could see a person purchasing both the headset and the charging station for $600 USD.

Is The Headset Worth The Price?

Is the PS VR2 worth the high price tag? According to Sony it is. In the blog post the company details the technology running the headset: “PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology includes key features that enable unique gameplay experiences, such as headset feedback, eye tracking, 3D audio, and the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback from the PS VR2 Sense controllers. Together with compatible games they will captivate players’ senses and offer an incredibly deep feeling of immersion.”

The resolution of the video format in the headset is 4000 x 2040 HDR, or 2000 x 2040 per eye. It’s also slimmer and more comfortable to wear. Sony also added an extra vent to allow more airflow. Finally, players can adjust the lens via a dial.

Overall, when the PS VR2 launches in February 2023 it will be completely redesigned from the original PS VR.

PS VR2 Launches In February With Many Games

In a separate blog post, Sony announces 11 titles which will be available when the PS VR2 launches in February:

  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • The Light Brigade
  • Cities VR – Enhanced Edition
  • Cosmonious High
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue
  • Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
  • Pistol Whip VR
  • Zenith: The Last City
  • After The Fall
  • Tentacular

These are in addition to the new game from Guerrilla Games, developers of the Horizon series: Horizon Call of the Mountain

My Final Thoughts

I believe Sony made a misstep with the price tag for the PS VR2 because it’s more expensive than the PS5 console. If a consumer is interested in the headset and doesn’t have the console already he or she is looking at spending about $1000 USD getting both before tax. One could buy the Meta Quest 2, get Beat Saber included for free, for $399.99 USD. Yes, that person would need a mid-range gaming PC but those prices dropped dramatically this year. A person could build (or buy) a mid-range gaming PC for now starting at $500. And you can do more with the gaming PC than with the PS5.

Besides that, Sony needs to worry about stiff competition from Nintendo and Xbox next year. Rumor still bound around about a Nintendo Switch successor coming out in 2023, especially since The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases in May 2023. And Xbox has Starfield, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport coming out in 2023 as well. These releases, along with several high-profile third-party games, could hurt the sales of the PS VR2.

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