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PS5 Scalpers Are Losing Interest In The Console

ps5 scalpers
The PS5 dropped in popularity for scalpers using bots to purchase the device due to scalpers focusing on grabbing shoes instead.

According to Netacea’s latest quarterly index, PS5 scalpers are losing interest in the console. This is a great news for PlayStation fans who are trying to still purchase the highly-sought after device nearly two years after its initial release. Because now they won’t have to fight as many bots purchasing the console on various websites.

Why Are PS5 Scalpers Losing Interest?

Upon reading the report, which you can read here (it’s a PDF), scalpers’s interest now rest with sneakers and sports collectibles. The most-sought after item by them is the Adidas Yeezy Slide Bone. The shoe is quite affordable at $60 USD for the everyday consumers. Yet, on the resale market prices range from $107 to $140 USD. So scalpers can easily sell the shoe for double its price.

The second and third spots on Netacea’s index belong to Nike Dunk Low Panda and Panini Donruss Optic Football Trading Cards respectively. Again, scalpers send their bots to purchase these items because of its high resale value.

So where does that leave the PS5? In fourth place. Yep, this is the first time the console is not within the top three in Netacea’s index. Although its resale price isn’t astronomical as it was a year or two ago, scalpers can still sell the console for over $100 to $150 USD than its retail price. And that price is right from my research. Upon checking Ebay I’m seeing brand-new PS5s selling between $600 to $650. Of course there are sellers overpricing them at $700+ but most sellers aren’t.

I believe another reason PS5 scalpers are losing interest in the console because it’s more readily-available for purchase now. Some brick-and-mortar stores now sell the PS5 for in-person purchases. And Sony is shipping more units to various ecommerce stores, in addition to selling it more often on their website. So as more consumers can easily purchase the console in store or online they won’t need to purchase them from private-parties at an insane markup.

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