Quiet Quitting: Doing The Bare Minimum At Work

In combination with the Great Resignation many employees are participating in a new action with their jobs: They quiet quitting. I’m doing it myself and I want to describe how it’s going so far.

What Is Quiet Quitting?

This phrase means to stay at your job and do the bare minimum instead of quit. Why not just leave? Well, many people can’t just quit their jobs for good reason. Several of these individuals need the health insurance benefits their jobs provide. I paid for private insurance through an insurance company when I was self-employed and that cost about $365 per month for medical, dental, and vision. And this price was with a high deductible. For those with a family the monthly health insurance costs can easily be over $1000 a month!

Other people stay on their job because they need the income. They may have a family to take care of and don’t have the skill-set to get a better-paying job. Even though the job market in America is pretty good for workers right now, if you don’t have marketable skills then you can’t easily move into a job like others.

To get a more detailed view about quiet quitting I recommend the following videos:

Why Am I Quiet Quitting?

I became self-employed in 2021 but by October of that year I knew I would have to pick up a regular job due to having to move back home to help out family. Frankly, I didn’t want to leave my flexible lifestyle but I had to because I needed to sell my house and buy a new one in a new city. And since I’m a fairly new self-employed individual I don’t have the 2 years of income and tax records most mortgage companies require. Thus, I got a job to show I have regular income.

Since this job is just a temporary move for me I don’t care about putting that much energy into it. I show up for my shift, do the bare minimum, and leave exactly at the end of my shift most days. Although I’m doing just enough so I don’t get fired I’m not shirking my duties. I show up on time for work. And I do my job well, meaning I provide the best customer support I possibly can and resolve my customers’ issues. It’s just when it comes time to do overtime I don’t. Or if management makes negative changes to the job I don’t get upset like my coworkers. I know I still have my other income streams and I will leave once I get my house so there’s no reason to complain.

Because I’m following this path at work I don’t stress out. I see my job as that: A job. It doesn’t define me. I don’t even talk about my job or where I work. It’s funny: I have the ability to get a free t-shirt showing my employer’s name and logo but I rather not. I don’t care enough to show off I work there.

Should You Follow Suit?

If you’re unhappy with your job but can’t quit for whatever reason why then I suggest trying quiet quitting. Just go to work on time and do the bare minimum to stay employed. You’ll discover how quick the stress melts away when you move at your speed instead of the speed your employer wants you to move. And you might become happier.

A word of caution: Don’t make a big scene about your actions. There’s no need to flaunt this to management or your coworkers. The latter will get mad and the former may just fire you.

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