Reduce Your Lifestyle To Live Totally Free Overview

Today’s post is the reduce your lifestyle to live totally free overview. This step is the first one in the plan and is quite long because it covers the following topics:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Debt
  • Variable Expenses (like groceries, household goods, etc.)

In this post I give an overview of each of these topics before I write about them in detail. If you missed any of the other posts you can view them all here.

Reduce Your Lifestyle To Live Totally Free Overview

I will break up the five topics relating to lifestyle in future posts, starting with housing tomorrow. Since these topics are quite extensive I will break up each post in multiple parts so readers won’t be bogged down reading a long post.

Here’s the outline of each lifestyle topic:


  • Living with multiple people in a home or apartment to minimize costs for everyone.
  • Renting a cheaper place or buying an inexpensive home.
  • Moving to a lower-cost-of-living area to reduce expenses.
  • Selling your home to buy a cheaper one and save the profits from the home sale.
  • Living in a RV or a van.
  • Living off-grid in a pre-built shed or even in a tent is a possibility.
  • Going homeless can work for some people.


  • Giving up your car to save on those costs.
  • Selling your car and replace it with a scooter or bicycle.
  • Sharing a vehicle with a trusted person to share costs.
  • Don’t use a vehicle at all and walk everywhere.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Driving only once or twice a week.
  • Performing car maintenance yourself.


  • Reviewing the types of health insurance available to you (COBRA, private health insurance, government-subsidized, etc.).
  • Getting a cash-only doctor.
  • Purchasing a discount program directly through the provider.
  • Going without health insurance completely.


  • Consider getting debt-free
  • Eliminating all debt except mortgage before starting the journey
  • Avoid accruing new debt unless absolutely necessary.

Variable Expenses

  • Develop a budget and keep to it.
  • Reducing the grocery bill by fasting.
  • Living a hotter and colder house during Summer and Winter.
  • Used goods are a must.
  • Restaurants and eating out is no more.
  • Treats are rare and for special occasions.
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