Refreshing My JavaScript Skills

I’m refreshing my JavaScript skills using a course I bought on Udemy. There’s a good reason for revisiting how to use this programming language, and I will discuss it later in this post. So far I’m enjoying the class and the joys of programming. When I say joys I mean the highs and lows of writing and troubleshooting code.

Why I’m Refreshing My JavaScript Skills

A Little Background

The main reason I’m refreshing my JavaScript skills because I do want to get a job as a Web Developer or a Software Engineer. Writing code professionally has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. I’ve tried to learn how to code in my late 20’s and failed because the class I took wasn’t a good one. And I didn’t try to find a better class. I just thought being a programmer wasn’t for me.

Then in my late 30’s I decided to try learning how to code again. This time I used a class on Udemy and discovered it work well. Within eights months I learned how to write Python 3 applications. This was a big achievement for me since I worked full-time at the time. I took my self-paced course after work and on the weekends. That was the time I worked on my personal coding projects too.

A big reason I felt the push to finish my course was my coworkers. I had a couple who were Software Engineers who pushed me to learn. They even invited me to help them with their work once I got some Python experience under belt. Even though I couldn’t help them much I was excited to join, and that pushed me to keep trying to become like them in the future.

The Present

In present day I realize my tenure back working for an employer is going to take longer than I expected. And because I need to keep earning a consistent income I might as well shoot for my goal. So that means refreshing my JavaScript skills so I can create a portfolio. And I started already by uploading some new code to my Github profile.

In addition, I’m taking a course on Udemy again to learn as much as I can about JavaScript. So far the class is not only intriguing but detailed. I’m not only listening to the instructor and follow along but I’m getting ideas for projects for my portfolio. Thus, I’m on a good track to show a potential employer not only my coding skills, but my problem-solving abilities too!

I hope to finish the class by the end of May. This time-frame could be tough for me since I am working full-time again but I am pushing myself to watch the videos everyday while working on my portfolio projects. However, I’m going to push myself to make my deadline. Because then I need to refresh myself on how to use databases in programming.

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