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Retailers Are Selling God Of War Ragnarok Early

retailers are selling god of war ragnarok early
God Of War Ragnarok spoilers are all over the Internet right now due to retailers selling the physical copy of the game early.

Uh oh. It appears retailers are selling God Of War Ragnarok early. Now those players are flooding the Internet with spoilers. So be careful out there. My article won’t contain any of those spoilers, however.

Retailers Are Selling God Of War Ragnarok Early To The Ire Of Santa Monica Studio

Cory Barlog, who is the Creative Director of Video Game Development at Santa Monica Studio, tweet the following:

For those who can’t read the tweet he says the following: “a retailer selling the game nearly TWO WEEKS before release. just so disappointing.”

Although Cory Barlog doesn’t say which retailer or retailers are selling the AAA title, one could assume it’s probably a popular big-box retailer. They have sold games early before even though the packaging states when the workers should put out the games for sale. I think this happens because workers don’t pay attention to release dates and just put out the games into the display boxes. Another reason why retailers are selling God Of War Ragnarok early because they have less experienced workers on staff.

Due to the staffing shortages affecting many business, small and large, many are hiring anyone willing to work. In many cases – and especially so for retail – these stores hire people with little to no experience and may not provide the best training. Thus, I could see the retailers selling the game early because the less-experienced workers didn’t know they had to wait. They probably saw they had stock to put out and put the game into the display boxes. So when a customer saw the game was for sale they probably didn’t know the release date. Most causal gamers don’t. And even if a customer knew the game’s release date, I don’t expect them to notify the workers. They are going to buy the game so they can play it early. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

What To Do To Avoid Spoilers

If you want to avoid spoilers then you can do the following:

  • Be careful about using social media. Only follow individuals you trust not to spoil the game.
  • Avoid following topics about video games or God Of Ragnarok. The platform may include tweets containing spoilers into those topics.
  • If you use Reddit, be careful reading replies. Those replies may contain spoilers even though the poster didn’t mark it as a spoiler. Hopefully the mods will remove those.
  • For Discord users you should be careful about what rooms you belong to or visit. Again, people may post spoilers without hiding them.

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