Salary Disclosures: A Must In Job Openings

It sucks to view a job that didn’t show the salary. Especially so if the job was worth applying for. I remember gauging if applying for the job was worth my time if the salary was lower than my current one. Now that I’m a business owner I don’t want to repeat that mistake. And if you’re looking for employees you shouldn’t either. That way salary disclosures are a must in your job openings today.

Salary Disclosures Are Required Depending On The State

Some states or cities passed laws where employers must include the pay in each job opening. That way potential employees know all the information they need to know to determine if they want to apply for the job.

The states requiring this information are Colorado and Washington state in 2023. New York City has a current law requiring pay ranges in all job openings for employers with four or more employees.

Other states and cities require companies to disclose pay rates whenever a potential employee asks for it.

Even if you don’t have a business in one of these states or cities it’s beneficial to provide this information because it makes you more competitive and can attract better talent. Let’s discuss this last point further.

Salary Disclosures Are Required So You Can Stay Competitive

If you want to get the best employees out on the market you have to make it worth their time. Applying for jobs take time and energy, even if all you require is the applicant to submit a resume to an email address. If a person browsing jobs comes across yours and get excited that’s a good job. However, if you don’t include a pay rate then that excitement will disappear. Oh yes, some applicants will still take the time to apply, but you may miss out great individuals.

In addition to that reason, you want to be honest about how much a job pays because this may gain you better applicants in the job market. Especially if you’re in a hot job market like we have currently. Potential employees have access to hundreds if not thousands of job openings and they’re picky. That because they have the power. So if your job opening doesn’t have a pay rate let alone a salary range then applicants will be less likely to apply. Thus, you need to put that information out there.

What If Your Unsure About The Salary?

Well, you should be already sure about what you can afford to pay for the job before creating the opening. Also, it’s unfair to keep potential employees in the dark about the pay rate because they can’t compare your offer to others. Again, in a hot job market employees are going to pick the best job offer. If you are unsure about the salary and take too long to provide that information, you’re going to lose talent.

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