Selfish People Create Bad Relationships

I haven’t dated in years. My last relationship ended during my early 30s and I didn’t try to find another. It didn’t help that after ending my last relationship I moved cities and fell in love exploring the new sights while single instead of seeking a new boyfriend. However, I was always in love with hanging out by myself. Hence, I didn’t feel the need to reenter the dating scene. Yet, upon seeing all the crap people must go through in the market I rather not deal with it at all. Mostly because there’s too many selfish people out there. And selfish people create bad relationships.

Relationships Are Normally A Good Thing To Seek

Being in a relationship wasn’t bad, and I think they are worth the time and effort. It was nice to to have a boyfriend to hang out with. Going out to have fun out with my ex-boyfriend was cool too. Especially when we went out to play pool or go bowling. What I really miss the most is having lengthy, deep conversations or arguing about sports or a scene in a movie.

Wanting to replicate this sometimes tempts me to try dating again. That feeling lingers for awhile until my longer nature kicks the feeling out onto its non-existent butt. It doesn’t help that I revisit the various ways being single is better than being coupled together, or how being single is just simpler overall.

I do believe relationships are beneficial to humanity, and I believe most people yearn for and want to be in a relationship. Yet, many can’t find a good partner or enter bad marriages which are probably going to end up in divorce. Why is that? From what I can see there are too many selfish people creating bad relationships.

How Selfish People Create Bad Relationships: They Want A Maid

What I see out in the dating scene today is a bunch of men and women looking for a partner to cook and clean, or a partner to work and pay for everything. There are individuals out there who want a partner to cook, clean, work, and do other tasks so he or she can lounge around the house and do nothing.

While’s there’s nothing wrong for wanting a partner who will help out and/or improve their situation, many people’s expectations go beyond that and land in the realm of selfishness. And when this happens a bad relationship will follow.

Another negative I see in the dating scene today is the insistence many men and women have regarding boy preferences. Again, I don’t have a problem with a man or woman having a particular preference but too many of them are incredibly shallow. That leads to a faulty relationship. This is becoming a bigger problem as men and women turn down suitable mates because of some trait he or she can’t change, like height or body type.

How Selfish People Create Bad Relationships: They Want A Come-Up

If the shallowness regarding body types wasn’t bad enough, there’s a growing number of men and women who expect their partner to have a high-earning job or working in a career with the potential for a large salary. This type of shallowness boils down the worth of a man (which is usually the case even though more women are finding themselves sought for this reason by men due to their increasing earning power) to a monetary value.

These unrealistic desires are the culprit for the rash of the poor relationships affecting too many nowadays. Because when a shallow person meets a shallow person and they decide to couple up or marry that starts the beginning of the end. Beauty only lasts for so long, and the same goes for a career or money. Then reality settles in. Some husbands and wives accept their fate and create a new life around the changes.

Others evade it the best way they can, pretending that nothing is wrong. Many decide to give up and get a divorce because it’s the easiest solution. Then these individuals go back into the dating scene to repeat their mistakes, learning nothing from their prior relationship. I think some choose not to learn anything.

What’s The Solution?

So what’s the solution to this problem? Men and women need to refresh themselves to the reason why they are here: To help each other.

God created Adam but soon realized he was lonely, so God created Eve. The two were to cling to each other and help each other throughout their lives. No preen themselves to look good for one another, or do everything for their spouse while receiving nothing in return. They were to be helpmates, and, thus humanity was to follow their example.

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