Share A Vehicle To Save Money

Let’s continue in the Transportation section of the How To Live Free plan so you can save on these costs and use your time as you please. Today I write about how to share a vehicle to save money. If you only need a vehicle for a short period of time sporadically, and know a trusted person who’s in the same position as you, this option could work for you. It just takes some planning and thorough communication. Here’s how you can get this to work.

Step #1 To Share A Vehicle To Save Money: Choose The Individual(s)

The first step to share a vehicle to save money is to choose the individual or individuals. I consider this step to be the most important because if you don’t pick a trusted individual you could invite a host of trouble into your life.

Thus, you want to interview the person or persons. Ask about their driving history, including how many tickets and/or accidents he or she had. Don’t forget to ask about car insurance. If the person or persons can’t get car insurance or its quite high then that’s a red flag. Finally, ask the person or persons how often do they need the vehicle. Remember, you’re sharing this to split costs and save money. If one person hogs the car or the bike all the time then you won’t get your money’s worth. However, if a person discovers he or she needs the vehicle more often than originally thought then you can reconfigure the share of the monthly costs.

Step #2 To Share A Vehicle To Save Money: Choose The Vehicle

The second step to share a vehicle to save money is to choose the vehicle to share. Maybe you already have a car and want to continue using that. Or maybe your friend has a gas scooter he doesn’t use that often. Finally, you may have your eyes on a particular car or truck for sale and want to split the costs with someone. Whatever your choice you must make sure that it will work our for everyone involved. If you don’t then this option won’t work because the other person or people will back out.

The best way to determine this is through conversation. Discover what your partner needs. If she needs a sedan to transport items or kids then you should consider that. Or if he only wants to ride bicycles and that won’t work for you then now you know.

Final Step: Configure The Schedule

The final step is to configure the schedule. You can use whatever medium that works. You can text each other when you need to use the vehicle. Or create a shared online calendar. What’s most important is to choose something that everyone has access to. That way each person can choose a day and time when the car or bike is free and schedule their day/night.

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