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Shoes For Data Center Techs: I Suggest Crocs

For those unaware of the life of a Data Center Technician its one of walking and standing. Sometimes a tech will be on their feet for several hours of the day. Especially if that tech works in a normal-size building. Yet, most probably work in a large building that’s either several floors in height, or spans multiple football fields in length. Thus, he or she will get in thousands of steps in per day. That’s why shoes for data center techs are vital. Because if a tech wears the wrong type he or she will be in pain and their productivity will suffer. So what footwear did I use and recommend to others? Crocs. No, no, don’t laugh. I’m totally serious. Give me a few minutes to explain my rationale.

Why I Suggest Crocs As Shoes For Data Center Techs

The main reason I suggest Crocs as shoes for data center techs because they are wide, which is great for those on their feet all day. Because the more you stand the more your feet will swell. And I can tell you from experience constricting shoes suck. Also, Crocs are great for individuals like myself who have wide feet. Because finding good-fitting wide shoes can be an issue. I’ve had good luck with certain sneakers from New Balance and Asics but it can be difficult to buy the same model time after time.

I also found Crocs supported my feet and my legs and I could stand for hours without fatigue or even pain. (If you’re looking for those types of Crocs you can check their website here.) I believe this is another reason why nurses love these shoes so much because they are on their feet for an extended amount of time too.

Finally, Crocs are suitable for the data center floor. They are closed-toe which is a requirement in many, if not all, data centers. Now if you employer requires you to wear steel-toed shoes then these won’t work for you as there ins’t steel-toed model.

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