Should You Involve Politics In Your Business?

Should you involve politics in your business? That’s the question many small business owners have today. They see large corporations taking a stand on various political topics on social media and on blog posts on their websites. Those small business owners also see the response those proclamations gets: Usually acceptance or scorn. So should you go the route of large corporations? Do I?

Should You Involve Politics In Your Business? Yes, If You Feel Strongly About A Position

If you feel strongly about a particular position and want to use your business platform to express you opinion then go ahead. However, be prepared for a response from your customers and the public in general. You will have people who will agree with your viewpoint but you will also have people who disagree.

And in today’s divided environment people who disagree with you will try to “cancel” you or destroy your business in various ways. I don’t say this to scare you off but I want you to be prepared. Your social media account or accounts may be suspended or terminated. Individuals may try to take down your website with DDoS attacks. Some may pester your web hosting provider to stop doing business with you. If that happens then you have to find another hosting provider for your website.

Finally, this action can disrupt your real-life because people may protest outside of your home or bother your family, friends, and neighbors. Again, I’m not trying to scare you into being quiet but I only want to prepare you.

Should You Involve Politics In Your Business? No, If You Don’t Care

If you don’t care about politics at all it’s fine not to discuss it on your business at all. I know plenty of people who don’t vote and don’t care about politics at all. They live their lives, work, and don’t have strong feelings about a particular topic or issue. These people don’t see a reason why to use their business as a platform to express feelings. If you feel like them then don’t feel bad. It’s fine to feel this way.

What should you do if a customer ask about your opinion about a particular political topic? You can be honest and say that you rather not express your thoughts because those are personal. Or you can evade the topic all together. That may make the customer upset, however. Finally, you can say that there is a business policy not to discuss anything related to politics, religions, etc. because those topics elicit strong responses. And your business doesn’t want to offend anyone.

Do I Involve Politics In My Businesses?

No, I don’t involve politics in my business. My ecommerce store, Let’s All Meat, does have blog posts but those revolve around the health benefits of meat, fish, and seafood. With my website here I do write about some political stuff but that fits the objective of this website. However, I don’t discuss certain viewpoints or topics because I have no opinion of them, or I rather not deal with the responses.

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