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Stadia Refunds Now Happening

stadia refunds
Google is now starting the refund process for their soon-to-be-shuttered game streaming service to all of its customers.

Stadia refunds are happening now! If you currently subscribe to the game streaming service checking your payment account to see if you got a refund from Google.

Stadia Refunds Details

Google started refunds on November 9. The company will process refunds for all purchases of hardware (like the Stadia Controller), games, DLC, and subscription frees made through the Stadia Store. This doesn’t include Stadia Pro subscriptions. However, those who have Stadia Pro can continue playing games without additional charges until Stadia finally shuts down.

Although the refund process started yesterday it’s going to take time for Google to process them. The company has to determine how to much to refund, then reach out to each payment processor to initiate the refund, and then the payment processor credits the person’s card or account with the amount(s). That last part can take some time because some processors and/or banks are slower than others.

Now, Stadia customers will get an email about the refund attempts. If the customer made less than 20 purchases then that customer will get an email for each refund. Yep, that’s means 20 separate emails. However, if the customer made over 21 purchases then that customer will only get one email for all the refund attempts. Either way, read those emails because they provide next steps the customer may have to take if the refund attempt fails.

Google asks customers to not contact their customer support regarding the status of refunds because they can’t help. The company does state in their FAQ most of the refunds should be processed by January 18th, 2023 (when Stadia finally shuts down).

So be on the lookout for the refunds. Again, the Google will refund the money onto the payment method the customer used to make purchases. If that method is no longer valid, don’t worry: Google will email the customer to setup an alternate refund method.

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