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Steam Prices May Increase Due To Your Location

steam prices may increase

Bad news for some Steam users: Steam prices may increase due to your location. Why is this happening? What’s going on? Let’s review the latest update to the pricing tool and recommendations tool game developers use.

Steam Prices May Increase Because Of A New Update

According to a recent announcement on the Steamcommunity a new update to the pricing tool and recommendations game developers can use may make games increase in price depending on the country.

The update gives game developers more control how to price their game for different countries using their currency. Steam will recommend a price using the base price in USD for the game and/or DLC. For example, if a developer wants to sell their game for $20 USD then the pricing tool will recommend similar pricing for other countries. And this is how the game prices can dramatically increase.

Since the tool is doing currency conversions based on USD, countries that don’t have the best conversion rate will see higher prices. Thus, a game that was normally affordable in a country could see a large increase if the developer chooses to use Steam’s price recommendation.

Now developers aren’t locked into using the price recommendation the tool provides because they can override it. Plus, the tool will notify them if their recommendations will cause a massive price increase. In turn, the developer can stop and rethink their pricing strategy for that country.

What Can You Do As A Consumer

What are your options as a consumer if you see Steam prices jump in price? One option is to contact the developer and see if the company realizes how expensive their games now in your country. Maybe they don’t know. Another option is to wait for a Steam sale. Then you could get games at a discount. Although the discount may not be as large as before the price increases, it’s better than paying full price.

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