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The Last Of Us Board Game: Escape The Dark

the last of us board game
Themeborne is working with Naughty Dog to crowdfund a board game based on the popular The Last Of Us franchise called "Escape the Dark."

Board game maker Themeborne is teaming up with Naughty Dog to create The Last of Us board game called “Escape the Dark.” The project is crowdfunded, and you can sign up starting November 8th here.

The Theme Behind The Last Of Us Board Game

Themeborne has a popular series for their board games called “Escape the Dark.” Reviewing the games in this series I discovered this about Escape the Dark Castle: “Escape the Dark Castle is a simple, fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players, with a focus on atmosphere, storytelling and player cooperation– perfect for newcomers to tabletop gaming. It takes 2 minutes to set up, lasts around 30 minutes, and no two games are ever the same.”

The Last of Us board game works in a similar way. Reviewing the post about the new project this is how the game will work: “The Last of Us: Escape the Dark will be powered by the latest evolution of the Escape the Dark game engine, offering 1-to-5 players a new way to experience the world of The Last of Us. Taking the roles of Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy, or Marlene, fans will have the opportunity to weave their own unique story of survival and companionship as they explore an open-world map – attempting to make their way to safety while keeping everybody in the group alive.”

When it comes to gameplay each player has to make choices about which path to take and resolve “chapter cards” based on popular locations from the video game. Some of those locations include the Suburbs, Sewers, and University. Each player tries to survive in the game using a combination of item cards and custom dice. Enemies like the Hunters and the Infected are in the board game.

Reading the post it appears Themeborne is going to do their best to transfer the gameplay and immersive storyline to tabletop players who are and aren’t familiar with the franchise.

How To Purchase The Game

Themeborne is using crowdfunding to create this game so you will have to sign up using Kickstarter here. The project goes live on November 8th, and backers can purchase a collector’s edition of the game. When I checked out the project today I don’t see any indication how much the collector’s edition will cost. It’s not on Themeborne’s post either. I would prepare to spend a fair amount because I assume only a certain amount of games will be available.

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[…] I reported earlier this month about a new board game from Themeborne based on The Last of Us franchise. Today starts the Escape The Dark Kickstarter, and within hours it exceeds its goal of 120,000 pounds (about $137,000). At the time of this article’s posting Themeborne raised over 183,000 pounds (about $214,000)! […]

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