Three Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Let’s discuss a writing tip that isn’t exactly related to writing. I want to discuss the three benefits of a standing desk because I’ve used one over a year now and I love it! I think investing in a standing desk or an adapter will improve not only your writing, but also your health.

Three Benefits Of A Standing Desk: Increased Blood-flow And Movement

One of the three benefits of a standing desk is increased blood-flow and constant movement. When you sit at your desk you’re in a sedentary and comfortable position. Thus, you’re less likely to move often, which isn’t great for your blood-flow. Sitting for extended periods of time can lead to blood clots. In addition to that potential health aliment, prolong sitting means less calories expended. This can lead to weight gain because you’re not moving much.

While many people know they should get up and move every thirty minutes to an hour, some just don’t. It’s too easy to get into groove and continue to work while sitting. Most don’t leave their seats unless they have to go the bathroom or out to lunch. However, when it comes to the latter many people eat sitting at their desk.

I found myself in this position quite a bit, especially when I started working from home due to the pandemic lock-down. That’s when I invested in a standing desk adapter. I set it on top of my desk, put my monitors and keyboard on the adapter, and could stand to work without much issue. I found myself sitting down less often and preferring to stand to work. Plus, I don’t stand still at my desk so I’m constantly moving or shifting my weight from leg to leg. Thus, I’m getting in more exercise and I’m no longer sedetary.

Three Benefits Of A Standing Desk: Increased Creativity

Now the second of the three benefits of a standing desk is increased creativity. Now, some people may disagree with me here but I do believe standing up to work makes me a better writer.

It could be that I’m not in a comfortable position while standing so I’m focusing on my work. Or the increased blood-flow is helping out my brain. Whatever the reason I enjoy to stand up to type, hand-write, or have a brainstorming session.

When I turn on my computer every morning I don’t sit down to begin my day; I stand. And that’s a habit I come to quite enjoy. I think it’s a great way to start my daily tasks.

Final Benefit: Flexibility

The final benefit of the three benefits of a standing desk is flexibility. I have the choice to stand or sit down. In addition, I can move my desk from one area to another, or from one room to another. Standing desks, or an adapter, aren’t that heavy so you can move them by yourself to a particular location.

Finally, you can buy a particular type of standing desk depending on your needs and/or budget. Electrical standing desks tend to be the most expensive. However, you can save money by purchasing a hand-crank standing desk. And you can buy a desk online or in store without too much trouble.

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