Trade Your Car For A Scooter Or An Electric Bike

Let’s continue discussing ways how to save money on Transportation in the How To Live Totally Free series. Today I suggest you trade your car for a scooter or an electric bike. Will this be a good option for you? What are the pros and cons? I’ll tell you below.

Trade In Your Care For A Scooter

The Pros

Scooters are regaining in popularity again because gasoline prices have been quite high in America for the past several months. And since the average American trip in 2018 was less than six miles a scooter works great for many. Especially if you live in a city or a congested area. So you can save on gas costs and have more places to park your scooter because of its size.

Another pro is the price. Scooters are pretty inexpensive brand-new. Prices depend on the size of the engine. A 50cc engine will be the cheapest but also the slowest. Those start at $2000. Once you go up to a 100cc to 200cc engine you’re looking at a starting price of $2900. From there the prices go up depending on the features you want. A top-of-the-line scooter can cost you over $7000. Check out this website for more pricing information. However, if you choose the lower-end of the range you can easily afford a scooter after selling your car.

The final pro is that you can save on insurance costs. Depending on your state you may not have to insure your scooter. However, you do need a valid driver’s license. I live in Georgia and the state doesn’t require insurance nor registration. However, if I was to get into an accident with my scooter and it was totaled, I would be on the hook to replace the vehicle. And if the accident was my fault and I didn’t have insurance I could be out a large amount of money. I would err on the side of caution and carry some insurance on your scooter just in case.

The Cons

A major con of a scooter is their size. If you have more than two people you need to transport than a scooter isn’t the choice for you. Also, if you need to transport babies or small children then I don’t suggest you trade your car for a scooter as it wouldn’t be a good fit. Finally, if you’re a large individual then you could max out the weight limit for a gasoline scooter easily. Many have a weight limit of 250 pounds. Thus, if you’re heavier than that and want a scooter then you will have to buy a larger one that could fit your frame.

Then there’s the inability to carry large packages or loads. Yes, you can purchase a storage container or compartment for your scooter but many of them aren’t that big. They are good enough to hold bags of groceries and/or household goods but not much else.

Trade In Your Care For An Electric Bike

The Pros

Electric bikes are popular because like scooters they save on gasoline costs and are great for those living in cities. All you have to do is plug them into an electrical outlet to charge it. This means you can charge it at home or at the office.

Another pro is their cost. They range from several hundred dollars to a few thousands, depending on the features. However, if you’re handy you can build your own electric bike. I used to work with a guy who did just that. He was an avid biker and transformed one of his bikes into an electric one after buying the components online. It took him a weekend of work with some help but he got the upgrade done. And it was pretty fast too!

Finally, just like the scooter electric bikes don’t need insurance or registration. And it appears in many states you don’t even need a license to drive one either. However, do your research just to make sure.

The Cons

Just like the scooter the electric bike isn’t good for families or individuals needing to transport multiple people at one time. And adding storage to a bike is doable but you’re limited to small bags and/or cases.

Finally, a bike is a target for thieves. So you will have to invest in security measures so it doesn’t get stolen. The best way is to store your bike inside your residence but that may not be possible. Keep that in mind if you want to trade your car for an electric bike.

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