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Twitter 2.0: Elon Musk Demands Worker Loyalty

twitter 2.0
Elon Musk sent an email to employees at midnight today stating they have until 5 PM EST to sign a form to join Twitter 2.0, or leave and receive a severance package.

Things continue to get worse at Twitter under Elon Musk’s ownership. I already wrote about the layoffs at the company affecting not only full-time employees but also contractors. Then the company released the updated version of Twitter Blue with paid verification but that failed spectacularly due to lack of actual identity verification. Now the company prepares to launch into Twitter 2.0 tomorrow, and in this new iteration Elon Musk demands worker loyalty. What does that mean? I’ll explain it in this article.

What Is Twitter 2.0?

News broke about Twitter 2.0 from Gergely Orosz on Twitter (of course). You can read his thread below:

This “new” version of the social media platform gives an ultimatum to its remaining employees via a midnight email: Agree to work long hours at high intensity by 5 PM EST tomorrow (November 17th) or end your employment with the company and take a 3 months severance package.

So what’s expected of the employees who choose to stay? According to Gergely Orosz: “only exceptional performance will constitute a passive grade.” Basically any employee who joins Twitter 2.0 will be under great stress each day to meet the high demands from the owner. That’s probably going to include 12 hours of coding per day (which is a massive undertaking for even the most-experienced programmers), and working weekends.

Twitter 2.0 Could Be Another Layoff In Disguise

Elon Musk wants to make his new company lean. Because it’s not profitable at the moment. And the company has billions in debt now due to the buyout. That debt he must pay for until Twitter can bring in more revenue.

So what’s a great way to cut expenses at the company? Layoff employees. Although the new owner did that twice within the past few weeks, it’s not abnormal to have another round of layoffs. And I believe (along with Gergely Orosz in his tweets) Twitter 2.0 could be another layoff in disguise.

Let’s look at the situation this way: A Twitter employee wake up today seeing an email from their new owner about a new round of changes starting tomorrow. These changes require long hours and intense pressure. If the employee is like “I don’t want to deal with this anymore” there’s a way out: A severance package. Thus, Elon Musk makes the employee decide to end their employment with the company. If enough employees decide to leave and take the severance (which I think will happen) then this is just another company layoff.

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