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Twitter Blue Higher Fee For iPhone Users

twitter blue higher fee
According to reports, Twitter Blue will cost $11 per month for iPhone users to help offset the 30% cut Apple gets from all purchases made through the App Store.

Bad news for iPhone users who want to purchase verification on Twitter: Twitter Blue higher fee will hit you to make up for the “Apple Tax.”

Twitter Blue Higher Fee Explained

When the new version of Twitter Blue releases tomorrow (Friday, December 9th), there will be various price points for the subscription service depending where a customer purchases it. According to 9to5Mac if customers purchases it through the Twitter web app they will pay $7 a per month. However, if customers purchase it through the App Store the Twitter Blue higher fee of $11 per month kicks in. This increased cost is to help offset the 30% cut that Apples takes on all purchases through apps on their App Store.

Checking the official support page for Twitter Blue it appears the higher price is true: “*Note: Existing Twitter Blue subscribers who initially subscribed on iOS will need to upgrade to the higher price on iOS to receive a blue checkmark. They will receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining days in their previous subscription. If existing subscribers on iOS do not want to upgrade, they can either cancel on iOS or else their existing subscriptions will be canceled with notice.” The original price of $7.99 per month is now an “introductory offer.”

Why is Twitter doing this? Well, I think one reason is that Elon Musk just learned about the “Apple Tax” and believes it’s too much. In addition, he needs all the money he can get to bring Twitter back into profitability. Remember, Musk took out huge loans he took purchase the company. Also, I think Elon Musk is trying to divert customers into purchasing Twitter Blue directly from the company instead of the App Store or even the Google Play Store. The latter, just like the App Store, takes a percentage of all in-app purchases. I think that’s why he’s charging just $7 on the website which is cheaper than the proposed $7.99.

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