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Twitter Cuts Contractors Without Notice

twitter cuts contractors
The layoffs continue at Twitter, this time affecting 4400 contractors who all lost their jobs without notice over the weekend.

Twitter cuts contractors without notice, continuing the layoffs at the beleaguered company under its new ownership. Personally, I expected this cut to come first. Because in my experience contractors are the first to go whenever management wants to reduce staff. Their employment comes from a third-party, and it only takes one or two phone calls to that third-party to end the employment agreement.

Twitter Cuts Contractors Over The Weekend

News of this layoff came from the platform itself. Casey Newton, the founder and editor of Platformer, tweeted:

Newton reported in his tweets the contractors didn’t get a prior warning. They discovered they no longer had a job when trying to access email and Slack. Managers of these contractors discovered the cut employees upon checking their internal systems. And it appears Twitter didn’t check to see if the contractors were busy at work before cutting their access: “one of my contractors just got deactivated without notice in the middle of making critical changes to our child safety workflows,” per Newton’s reporting.

Some contractors learned they didn’t have a job anymore by reading Newton’s tweets:

How Many Contractors Lost Their Job?

From Newton’s reporting it appears Twitter released 4400 of out its about 5500 contractors this past weekend. That’s quite the large cut without giving any notice at all. And this new layoff affects every division in the company, from Marketing to Core Infrastructure Support.

When I worked at Twitter at one of its data centers we had several contractors on staff helping us with various tasks. I’m not sure they are still there as of this morning. I reached out to one employee who can find out for me but I haven’t heard anything at the time of this post’s publication. If I do get a response I’ll update this article.

Twitter Cuts Contractors And They Will Probably Get Nothing For Their Service

Unlike when full-time employees go through layoffs, these contractors will probably get nothing from their service. No severance package. No paid healthcare (if they had healthcare coverage to begin with). That’s how life is as a contractor, which is why many people don’t like being one (including myself).

It’s fine to take on a contracting job with a finite date because one can prepare for that. I held many jobs like that during my Tech career. However, taking on a long-term contract job with little sign of it turning permanent is risky because one doesn’t have job security. (Really no job has job security but as a contractor you can be cut at any time.) And these former Twitter contractors discovered that over the weekend. I hope their employers can find another job at another company, but sometimes that’s not the case. Especially with all the hiring freezes happening in the Technology Industry at the moment.

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