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Twitter Cuts Perks For Remaining Employees

twitter cuts perks
Twitter continues to cut costs in its goal to regain profitability under its new owner by cutting several perks for all of its remaining employees.

I spoke to one of my former coworkers at Twitter recently. I asked him if he was going to stay at the company after Elon Musk gave his ultimatum to the employees. He did. He said he’s already working long hours. Also, he doesn’t want to miss out on his equity. Then my former coworker said while things are bad right now at the company they can’t get any worse. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they could. And today it has: Twitter cuts perks for the remaining employees. In some ways this is a pay cut. Because now employees have to pay full price for certain activities. Or just stop using them all together.

Twitter Cuts Perks: The Details

I learned about the details of this latest move from Alex Heath on Twitter. Basically, I get all my info about what’s going on at the company now from the platform. Alex tweets:

Checking out the link in the tweet I see Twitter cuts perks such as:

  • Employee wellness
  • Productivity
  • Home Internet
  • Training & Development
  • Outschool
  • Daycare
  • Quarterly team events

These cuts may only be temporary per Alex Heath because he sees this language in the internal memo about the cuts: “Allowances will be reevaluated over time and may be added back when the company’s financial situation improves.” From my experience once a company removes a perk it doesn’t return. I worked at companies offering reimbursement on Training & Development but removed them during the Great Recession. Once the company’s financial health improved, that perk didn’t even after many employees asked.

Cutting Perks Is Basically A Pay Cut

Twitter cuts perks is basically a pay cut for the remaining employees. Now they will have to pay the full price of their wellness programs like gym memberships or yoga classes. Or just stop going all together. I understand why the company cut the Home Internet perk because now employees need to work in the office. Remote working is only for “qualified” individuals. As for cutting perks helping employees with outschool or daycare that’s a low blow in my opinion. Daycare is extremely expensive here in America. And now Twitter employees with children need to shoulder the full cost.

The cynic in me also thinks this move by Elon Musk is to push out employees with families. He wants employees to work “hardcore” and long hours. Those with families cannot for the most part, especially if both parents work, unless they lean on daycare. Now they can’t without paying the full cost of daycare. So what will these employees do? I think many will leave Twitter for another employee offering better work/life balance and perks.

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