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Twitter Employee Layoffs Happening Now

twitter employee layoffs happening now
Twitter employees are waiting to read an email whether they are still employed or fired from the company as mass layoffs begin today.

Twitter employee layoffs happening now according to emails seen by NBC News. This confirms my previous article about layoffs starting on Friday. The only things we’re uncertain of is how many employees will Elon Musk let go.

Twitter Employee Layoffs Happening Now Via Email

Twitter told employees that they will learn the status of their employment via email. If an employee receives an email through their work email account then their job is safe. However, if an employee receives an email through their personal email account that means that employee no longer a job. And the email will contain further instructions regarding the next actions.

Some employees tweeted that they don’t have access to their work email account anymore. That’s a bad sign because that usually means IT disabled the account because the employee no longer works for the company.

It’s safe to say that at this time things are chaotic at the company. I contacted some of my former coworkers at Twitter on Thursday but I haven’t heard anything back. And I don’t feel comfortable asking them what’s going on now because I don’t know if those employees still have a job. I may contact another ex-Twitter employee who still has connections there to see if that person heard anything.

What’s Going To Happen After The Layoffs?

Right now the Twitter offices are currently closed to all employees except those working on critical tasks for the company. Company security disabled badge access (except to those critical employees) and most employees are sitting at home waiting their fate.

Come Monday I would assume there will be a company-wide meeting (usually called an “All-Hands Meeting) to discuss today’s events. Elon Musk probably will try to improve morale by saying no more layoffs any time soon. And he will probably lay out what his plan is for the company moving forward. In my experience working at companies going through layoffs those plans mean the remaining employees will work longer hours with more responsibilities to meet the new goals. Since the new owner wants to make Twitter profitable in a short time-frame those goals will be steep. I expect to see more employees leave because of the high workload.

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