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Twitter Employees Fired Over Slack Messages

twitter employees fired
It appears Twitter employees were fired over criticizing Elon Musk on Slack. These employees got an email from HR stating their recent conduct broke company policy.

Twitter employees fired over Slack messages critical of the company’s newest owner? It appears so. Casey Newton, the founder and editor of Platformer, tweeted these finding earlier today. Here’s his thread:

I’m not shocked by these dismissals because many employees know they cannot publicly criticize their bosses or upper-management on company message applications. And you can’t privately criticize them either using Direct or Private Messages because those aren’t totally private. I’ll explain why in this article.

More Details About The Firing Of The Twitter Employees

The emails the fired Twitter employees state the following: “We regret to inform you that your employment is terminated effective immediately. Your recent behavior has violated company policy.”

What was the specific company policy? Well, we’re not sure. And either is the Twitter employees. I’m trying to remember what the company handbook said about how Twitter expected employees to behave. I didn’t pay much attention to that portion of the handbook during my employment at Twitter because I knew already how to behave. I knew not to bad-mouth the upper-management, let alone my manager because it could cost me my job. Or at the least cause HR to call me into a meeting to undergo “reeducation.” (That last part is a little bombastic, I know, but those meetings is just to bash you over the head about the company policy.)

All we know is these fired employees criticized their new owner, Elon Musk, repeatedly in Slack messages. It appears these messages could be seen by any employee in the specific Slack channel but reading through Casey Newton’s tweets I not entirely sure.

Do Not Trust Any Company Messaging Applications

Now I will explain to you why you shouldn’t trust any company messaging application. That includes Slack or MS Teams (or any other program).

Your IT Department and usually HR can access your account at any time to see what you wrote. That includes Direct or Private Messages. How do I know that? Because I had a manager tell me that to my face. That manager had some issues with their direct reports and pulled their Slack history to see what those employees talked about. And it was easy on the manager’s part. All it took was a request to HR who then contact IT to pull the records. And these records included Direct/Private Messages.

I think employees tend to forget that their employer can view whatever he or she is going on the company’s laptop and/or mobile device. In addition, employers can monitor their employees’ network activity in real-time. Yep, your employer can see if you’re watching YouTube instead of working.

That’s why I tell everyone not to view anything personal or private using company properly, including the company’s WIFi. Most large employers, like Twitter, monitor and can record that information.

What Should Have These Twitter Employees Done Instead?

I believe the Twitter employees fired over their Slack messages should have chatted via their phones instead. And they should’ve done so while not connected to the company’s Internet.

I think it’s fine to bad-mouth the boss, including the CEO. They make stupid decisions sometimes that affect us employees negatively. And some of them are just outright jerks. However, employees have to be smart. Don’t leave a digital trail of criticism. Speak to each other face-to-face. Or if you talk via phone make sure to use the phone’s cellular service instead of the company’s WiFi.

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