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Twitter Is Dead

twitter is dead
Yes, Twitter is dead. The old version ran by its founders of dreamers and a hippie. So what will the new version of Twitter look like? I as a former Tweep give my take.

Yes, Twitter is dead. No, I’m not being facetious or bombastic. As a former Tweep myself (a former employee of the company) the Twitter I worked for between October 2017 to December 2020 is no longer around. It died on Thursday, November 17th at 5 PM EST when Twitter 2.0 launched. Am I sad to see the company change? Yes, because I still like Twitter as a product even though I no longer work there. Yet, life changes and I have to keep going on.

Twitter Is Dead Because Elon Musk Killed It

Twitter is Dead because its new owner, Elon Musk, killed it. And he didn’t do it for the lulz as he may want people to think. I don’t think he killed it because he wants to ruin not only the company, but the service too. From what I could see I think Elon Musk thought he could revamp the platform in his image and fix all the problems he saw with the platform.

What was those problems? Here’s a short list from what I gleaned from his tweets:

  • Lack of free speech (or too much content moderation)
  • Ineffective executive leadership
  • Depending too much on advertising
  • Not giving users new features fast enough
  • Lack of speed in general

So to fix everything he saw wrong with the platform Elon Musk came in swinging. He fired the executives (which is normal in company acquisitions). Then he fired employees and contractors. His first email to the remaining employees was wild to say the least. He didn’t take any time to learn what the employees wanted from him, and Elon Musk didn’t explain his vision for the company going forward to his employees fast enough. By the time he did morale was already low and it didn’t embolden the remaining employees to stay.

Here’s What I Think Will Happen To The Company

With Twitter 2.0 here and running I think the company will continue to exist with a skeleton staff. Not all the employees left when Elon Musk gave them the ultimatum on Wednesday. Some stuck around because they want to rebuild Twitter under his vision.

Eventually the company will start to hire new employees (and there are reports this is already going on). I think the new owner won’t have a difficult time finding applicants because he has many fans. However, I think those new applicants will have a difficult time with onboarding because many of the senior developers left, taking their knowledge with them. Yes, there’s probably some Knowledge Bases containing information about the various systems and how they work and how to fix them, but those could be outdated.

I don’t think Twitter will go bankrupt. Elon Musk invested too much money into purchasing the company to allow that to happen. Yet, I believe the company, its owners, and the employees are in for hard times ahead. Everyone is going to work long hours and go through stressful periods and it’s going to change them. Whether that change is going to be good or bad remains to be seen.

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