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Twitter Verification May Cost $20 Per Month Soon

twitter verification may cost $20
Elon Musk is trying to make Twitter profitable, get a return on his investment, and make users happy by offering paid Twitter verification.

Twitter verification may cost $20 per month soon, if a new The Verge report is correct. Will this change benefit the platform’s users? And how will affect those who already have verification?

Twitter Verification May Cost $20 As Part Of The New Twitter Blue Subscription Model

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter and started making drastic changes, people are wondering what’s next for the platform, its users, and its employees. Well, what’s next is making Twitter profitable AND improving the Twitter Blue subscription by implementing a paid verification process. That’s according to unnamed Twitter employers notified by Elon Musk to get the new subscription model ready by November 7th. If they don’t, the unnamed employees said, they will lose their jobs.

It makes sense to add this feature to the Twitter Blue subscription because right now it doesn’t offer much even at its low price of $4.99 a month. So if Elon Musk’s plan to allow anyone to get verified on Twitter for a monthly fee works, not only will Twitter bring in a consistent mode of revenue but their year-old subscription model will grow in usage. It’s a win-win on all accounts.

It will troublesome to hear that the Twitter employees working on this new change are under a strict deadline with a bad outcome if they don’t finish in time. However, knowing how Elon Musk runs his other companies I’m not surprised by his alleged order. He is a tough CEO, and he just spent $44 billion dollars on Twitter so he wants to make good on that investment quickly.

Twitter Verification May Cost $20 And Users Will Pay For It

Twitter verification may cost $20 a month and I believe users will pay for it. This includes the users who already have verification. Those individuals will have a 90-day grace period to subscribe to Twitter Blue or lose their verification.

The reason I believe Twitter users will pay the new fee because so many of them want verification. They want that blue checkmark. And twenty dollars a month isn’t much in the overall scheme of things to get it. That’s only $240 a year. Of course there will be some individuals who won’t purchase it because they don’t care about being verified at all, but there are plenty of users, famous and not famous, who care. And Elon Musk wants to get their money so he can make money.

Would I pay the monthly fee? Probably. Since my name is my brand it’s reasonable to subscribe to Twitter Blue to make my Twitter account “official.”

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[…] price points for Twitter Blue on the platform to see how much users aren’t willing to pay. I wrote previously about how Twitter verification would cost $20 a month with the Twitter Blue subscription. However, […]

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