Two Weeks Of No Social Media

Today, September 10, marks two week of no social media for me. On August 26 I deleted my Twitter account which was the last social media platform I had an account on. So how has my life been without using any social media? Read on to find out.

Two Weeks Of No Social Media And I’m Doing Well

I don’t miss social media. When I deleted my Facebook account about 3 or 4 years ago I didn’t miss it. And when I deleted my Twitter account two weeks ago I don’t miss it either.

The next day after getting rid of Twitter I did find myself wanting to visit it only because I was bored. And when I realized that was the reason I only wanted to visit it I found something else to do. I read one of my unread books, or worked on a in-progress short story. Over the next few days I forgot about visiting Twitter. I didn’t even browse the site without an account.

Two Weeks Of No Social Media And I’m More Productive

Since I’m no longer reading Twitter due to boredom I’m more productive now. That’s been the major benefit I’ve seen after two weeks of no social media. I do more work, along with working on different projects during the day. Finally, I have more focus. That last point is probably the reason why I’m more productive.

Knowing that I don’t have an avenue to waste time on helps me stay focused on the tasks I have to do. I can look at my phone and not reach out to pick it up to open Twitter. Or I can open a new tab and don’t see a shortcut to open Twitter to browse the site. Thus, I continue to work albeit too much.

Will I Join Any Other Platforms?

I do get questions from people if I will join another platform. Many want me to join Tik Tok. I just say no, probably add “That’s not for me,” and leave it at that.

I know living this way makes me weird. Yet, we humans were able to communicate with each other outside of these platforms. Also, Facebook, Twitter, etc. weren’t around 20 years ago. How did we talk to each back then? Via phone, text message, emails, and even letters. Will this alienate some of my friends and/or associates? Yes. Could I lose contact with some of them? Yep. However, the people who want to stay in contact with me will.

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