Untested WordPress Plugins: What Should You Do?

What can you do if you come across untested WordPress plugins you want to use on your website? If you haven’t come across this problem before you will in the future. It could be with a plugin already installed on your site or with a new plugin you found. Here’s a couple of tips you can follow.

What Should You Do With Untested WordPress Plugins? Test Them On Your Staging Site

If you really want to try out any untested WordPress plugins you should always test them on your Staging site. (If you don’t have a Staging website then you need to create one pronto.)

The main reason you want to test the plugin on your Staging site is to make sure it doesn’t corrupt your installation. Thus, causing downtime or other severe problems.

When the plugin developer tests their plugin with various versions of WordPress the developer verifies their plugins operates properly with the WordPress source code. If it doesn’t, then the plugin could cause all types of issues with the basic functionality of the software.

If, after testing the plugin on your Staging site, you encounter any problems then you know you can’t install that plugin on your Production site. However, if you test all parts of your site with the plugin installed and all goes well then you are probably safe with installing the untested plugin on your Production site.

What Should You Do With Untested WordPress Plugins? Contact The Plugin Developer For Assistance

If you find one or more untested WordPress plugins you can always contact the plugin developer to see when these plugins will be compatible with your WordPress installation.

The first place to check is the plugin’s page, be it on their own website or on WordPress.org. Choosing the latter option requires you to check the Support tab to see if the developer has an open topic about testing. This is also a good place to research to see if others are having this issue or if the developer is actively working on any request.

Unfortunately some developers stop working on their plugins and no amount of contacting them will help you if this is the case. This is why it’s good to check to see when the developer last updated the plugin. If it was months or years ago I would steer clear of that particular plugin.

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