Use Public Transportation Whenever Possible

Let’s continue in the Transportation topic of the How To Live Totally Free plan and review why you should use public transportation whenever possible to save on costs. While giving up the freedom of having your own car or bike can be hard for some, the savings can be worth it.

Why You Should Use Public Transportation


The main reason you should use public transportation if you’re trying to save on money because it is cheaper. Depending on where you live in America you usually have access to public buses, light rail, trolleys, ferries, or subways. You may have the ability to choose between all of them. Thus, you can pick and choose to use the ones that fit your budget and get you where you need to go.

You can usually purchase an unlimited usage card or ticket which will save you even more money. When I lived in Atlanta I could purchase a 30-Day MARTA pass for $95. This pass provided unlimited rides. The regular fare is $2.50. So if I took four trips per day that would come out to be $10. Yet, with the unlimited pass that cost me $3.17 per day. That’s quite a savings. Oh, and this card works for both bus and train. And there is four free transfers from the bus/train or bus route to bus route within a 3 hour period.


Another reason to use public transportation is its availability. There is always a bus, train, subway, etc. running unless the weather is dangerous.

Yep, you can find public transport even on a holiday. It may run on a shorten schedule but you can use it to get where you need to go. Finally, public transport can run 24 hours a day depending on the location, or from the early morning to late at night.

Downsides Of This Decision

The major downside of this option is the people on public transport. When I rode MARTA I said I paid my $2.50 for a ride and a show. There was always something weird going on the train or the bus. I’ve seen fights, had to listen to people playing loud music, individuals selling goods, and avoiding the homeless sleeping in a seat. After awhile this got on my nerves.

So I can understand why you wouldn’t choose to solely rely on your local bus or train because it’s tiresome to deal with the public. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous. People do get attacked and assaulted.

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