USPS Connect: Affordable Next-Day Local Delivery

The small business newsletter I read alerted me to a new service from the United States Postal Service: USPS Connect. This service gives small businesses fast shipping options to their local customers with same-day or next-day delivery.

Here’s The Benefits of USPS Connect

One of the benefits of USPS Connect is that small businesses can compete with large competitors offering fast shipping options. Before, small businesses had to pay crazy amounts for one-day shipping. And these costs are prohibitive for customers because they like the free and quick shipping options from companies like Amazon. If most of your customers are within the same city as your business then this is a great choice!

Another benefit is once you’re approved to use this option your business will be included in the Post Office’s directory. Not only will your business name show up but also your logo and a link to your business’ website. This allows more local customers to find your business and purchase your products. Thus, this free marketing can be a big bonus to your bottom line.

To use this new service you will have to sign up for a free USPS business account if you haven’t already. Then you will work with a Sales Executive to go through the terms of the agreement. That is the time when you submit your information to be included in the directory. From there you process orders requiring same-day or next-day delivery through participating Post Offices. You can drop off these packages or elect free pickup.

Here’s The Downsides

The major downsides of this service is that it isn’t available in all areas yet. You have to check using your ZIP code. When I checked mine it wasn’t available. Yet, there is a list available to see when the service will roll out to your state. So if you’re excited to use USPS Connect but it isn’t available in your state yet then you’ll have to wait.

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