Website Analytics: Three Reasons To Check It Regularly

You spent several hours creating and designing your website. Now it’s live and you tell everyone you know about it. To make sure people are visiting it you install a website analytics service. However, you don’t check it that often. Usually you forget and only check it when the notion pops up in your mind. This is a bad move because you need to check your website analytics regularly. Not convinced yet? Here’s three reasons why:

  • Determine the location of your visitors
  • View the length of time spent on your site from your visitors
  • See which pages / products / services are most popular
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Checking Your Website Analytics Regularly Is Good To Determine The Location Of Your Visitors

Determining your website’s visitors’ location is key to your marketing plan. Let’s say your company releases a new product in Mexico and you pay for advertising just for that country. Even though you can check the results of your advertising campaign in the particular advertising medium you’re using, the website analytics program on your site is also good to view. Why? Because you can see if your site is getting more visitors from Mexico. If it’s not then you know the campaign isn’t working and you can tweak it.

If you don’t check this data regularly you could waste money on an advertising campaign or another part of your marketing strategy. In addition to that possibility there’s a chance you could miss out on data regarding visitors from surrounding countries. Let’s go back to the previous example with the new product launch. What if you saw that more visitors from countries surrounding Mexico visited your website? That could mean they are interested in the product and you could start selling it in those countries.

Viewing Your Website Analytics Regularly Is Good To View How Long Your Visitors Stay On Your Site

You want to view these stats regularly because it’s vital to see how long visitors stay on your site. This also called the “Bounce Rate.”

Now this metric is going to depend on your site’s purpose. If you’re a blogger you want your visitors to stay as long as possible so they can read more and more of your posts. Ecommerce websites want their visitors to stay longer so they can view more items(and hopefully buy them). If you sell services, a longer visit means potential customers learn more and may decide to purchase them.

Hence, if you see a short average stay in your stats, you can work on decreasing the Bounce Rate. There’s a caveat: A high Bounce Rate isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If the overall Bounce Rate for your site is high that’s a problem. Especially if visitors aren’t visiting other pages on your website. However, if a particular page or two is high that’s fine. Visitors aren’t going to stay long on specific pages, especially if they are looking around.

Finally, you want to review your website analytics regularly so you understand which pages or products your visitors navigate to. This way you can determine which pages or products are more popular than others. This can help you research whether if a particular product is unpopular or if a page lacks content or has too much.

In addition, you can make the popular pages or products prominent on your website so your visitors will go to them first. This is great to make more sales or direct eyes to a particular release.

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