When Life Interrupts Writing Your Book

I had lofty plans for my creative writing business this year. I wanted to finish the final draft of a novel by the end of this year. In addition, I wrote a few other stories that may lengthen to novellas or novels and I wanted to finish those this year too. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Even though I write articles for my website and another, I stopped writing my books. Let’s discuss what to do when life interrupts writing your book.

When Life Interrupts Writing Your Book Don’t Get Upset

When I learned that I had to move back home to help family I knew that would disrupt my schedule for some time. I had a rosy outlook about some actions I had to take when I returned back home. Unfortunately, things are moving slower than I initially expected and there’s nothing much I can do about it.

When life interrupts writing your book don’t get upset. Oh yes, I know you want to. Frankly, I did. I got upset and wanted to just run. My emotions wanted me to go out on my own again because when I was on my own my schedule was pretty consistent. I wrote everyday and made good progress toward all my goals. Although I remember the “good” times last year and the year before, my life is completely different now. So how can I expect my writing schedule to stay the same?

Finally, getting upset about disruptions causes more problems. You may start fights with your family or friends. To cope with the interruption you could turn to some type of vice (like alcohol or even food). When it came to my anger I turned to working on other creative projects. I created a new website for a website design business I want to start. I’m excited for this just like when I sat down to start writing one of my books.

When Life Interrupts Writing Your Book Don’t Rush Time

Again, I didn’t expect to take this long a break from writing any of my short stories or books. I thought I would fall right back into my rhythm at my new home. Yet, that didn’t happen. Now I want life to move ahead quicker so I can get back to “normalcy.” However, that’s the wrong viewpoint. Because when life interrupts writing your book we shouldn’t rush time.

Why not? Because time already moves quick enough. I’m looking at the calendar and thinking to myself how will I accomplish other personal tasks that are more important than my writing. Even though I’m not on a particular deadline I do need to complete some tasks before the end of Spring. Thus, I don’t life to hurry up. Some days I want it to slow down. That doesn’t happen, however. In the end I just go along with life and whatever is going to happen. That’s the best outcome in this case.

I know eventually I will return to writing when it’s time.

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