Where Have I Been?

You’re probably wondering what happened to me. I posted content daily until June when I stopped. Today I explain where have I been and what’s going to happen with my blog posts doing forward.

Where Have I Been? Renovating My Fixer-Upper House

No, I didn’t get lazy and stop writing. Nor did I take a break and go on a nice vacation. (However, that would be nice but I’m not going to take one even though I have airplane miles I need to use.) What I’ve been doing is performing repairs on my fixer-upper house.

I bought the house in early June 2022 and I knew going in the house would need several repairs, some of them major. And because I’m pretty handy and willing to get my hands dirty I did many of those repairs.

Now home renovations take time and much energy. I tried to keep writing blog posts but after some time I gave up. I was tired and the last thing I wanted to do was think and write an article on my website. Most days I would come back to the family member’s house I was temporarily staying in and watch YouTube after taking a shower.

At the time of writing and publishing this post I’m living full-time in my new house. Although there are still many other repairs I need to perform the house is livable now. Instead of devoting all my time to working through my task list I do a few repairs a each and then spend the rest of the day catching up with various duties from my businesses (including this website).

That answers the question of where have I been.

What To Expect Now Since I’m Back

Since I’m back to writing daily articles on my website I’m going to focus on writing a series of posts relating to living totally free. This was an idea I had for a book but I decided today to create a series of articles instead.

What I mean by “totally free” is how to live a life where you get to do whatever with your time. Others dictate our lives and we don’t get the chance to do what we want most of the time. I know I was in the position recently. However, once you can free yourself from those commitments by following certain steps and making drastic choices, your live will improve. I know it did for me.

The first post about this topic will release at 10am EST July 19.

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