Who Is Brittbot?

Who is Brittbot? You’re probably asking yourself that question because you tried to visit brittbot.com and came to this website instead. Or maybe you saw my Github account or saw that name in my Twitter feed. Now maybe you don’t know who that person is at all. This article could be the first time you ever heard that name. No matter as I’m going to answer the question now.

Who Is Brittbot?

To fully explain who is Brittbot I must take you back to late 2016. Back then I ran into some troubles in my career. I left a decent-paying job I hated (because of poor management) to teach myself Web Development. I lived off of savings while taking courses from Free Code Camp and Codecademy. Eventually I finished my courses, built a small portfolio, and went hunting for a Junior Web Development job.

After some time searching and getting nowhere I finally got an interview for a job creating WordPress websites and providing Technical Support at a startup company in my town. I applied, went to an interview a few days later, and got the job. I always wanted to work at a startup company and I got my wish.

As the months passed I became pretty efficient creating websites. The Sales Team (all two members) would give me an order for a website for a customer and I would create it within the same day. Sometimes by the middle of the next day if I was busy with answering questions or writing articles for the company’s Knowledge Base. One day after I built a website quickly the saleswoman gave me a compliment about my speediness and compared me to a robot. The salesman followed up by calling me Brittbot. I laughed because I like the name. They asked me if they could call me that and I told them to go ahead. By the end of the week everyone in the office, including the CEO, called me Brittbot on occassion.

Why Does Brittbot Redirect To This Website?

Soon after I got the nickname I got the bright idea to buy the domain name. I used brittbot.com to learn serving static pages from AWS, then let the domain just lay dormant, to finally creating a Technology-focused blog on the domain. I ran the tech blog for a couple of years deciding to end it earlier this yeart because I wanted to stop dividing my talents between this website and my tech blog. Plus, I decided to rebrand myself to include my IT knowledge on this website and many of the topics I wanted to discuss was on my tech blog. Finally, I didn’t have the time to devote to that blog.

That’s why brittbot.com redirects to this website. I’m going to keep the domain name because it is my nickname and people do know me by it in real-life and online. It’s just I’m no longer going to maintain a website or email for that domain. Don’t worry: I already setup a permanent redirect in the domain’s DNS settings so if you have brittbot.com bookmarked in your browser it will update to this website.

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