Work From Home Schedule For Entrepreneurs

Remote working is highly popular now, mostly due to the current pandemic, and many entrepreneurs now work from home. Even though this is a benefits for many it can cause problems. Working from home provides many comforts, yes, but also many distractions. That can lead to you not accomplishing your daily duties or getting behind in work. That’s why a work from home schedule for entrepreneurs is so important. I created one for myself and today I will tell you how to create one for yourself.

Let’s face it: Working from home, although nice, has too many distractions unlike a work office environment.

Step #1 To Create A Work From Home Schedule For Entrepreneurs

The first step to create a work from home schedule for entrepreneurs is to determine your starting time.

Some people work better at the crack of dawn. If you are that person then you should schedule many of your tasks around that time. Thus, you will be able to give your full attention when you are the most productive. However, if you the type of person who likes to work starting in the early afternoon then create your schedule around that time. This also goes for my night owls.

Now, you may have to create a schedule based around your customers’ time zone. If this is the case for your business then you may not have much flexibility when it comes to developing your schedule. Or you could make a split-shift type of schedule where you work steady for several hours then take a long break before starting work again.

As for I work best in the early morning so I work on my important or mentally-intensive tasks in the first part of my day. Then I take a break to eat lunch and then work on easier tasks which won’t overwork my mind. As for how I created my schedule I used pen and paper first. I made blocks of time when I would work on certain tasks because I learned if I didn’t do that I would work on certain projects for hours without touching the others. And that’s how I got behind in work, making myself rush to complete it.

Step #2 To Create A Work From Home Schedule For Entrepreneurs

The second step to create a work from home schedule for entrepreneurs is to make sure you slip in breaks into it. While you may think this is not needed I can tell you from experience you will forget to take them.

Yep, I make sure to include breaks in my schedule at different times of the day. This way I remember to gets up from my desk and take a break. That could be to take a walk outside to get some exercise and some fresh air. Or it could be to drink water (as sometimes I forget to do that too because I get caught up in a task). You may be the same way too. Meaning once you sit down at your desk or enter your office you just work and work and work.

If you find this hard to implement I suggest setting an alarm for each break on your phone. Hearing the alarm will prompt you to get up and take a break.

Final Step

The final step to create a work from home schedule for entrepreneurs is to realize this is an ongoing process. The first schedule you make you will change. The same will happen with the second one. And that will continue.

That’s because creating a work from home schedule takes time and testing. Thankfully, you realize quickly what does and doesn’t work so you can revamp your schedule. However, during this time it’s too easy to fret or stress about your failure.

You can’t fall into this mindset because it only improves the chances of you giving up to follow any type of schedule. Instead, keep modifying it to fit your life.

Finally, you won’t have just one schedule to follow. Life will get in the way, you will have doctor appointments, your children will have school events, and you will have a client who will need emergency assistance. So remember to bend to those changes and try to create a plan for those situations.

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