This page features my books & short stories, available in both paperback and ebook formats. My books are for sale on Amazon and Gumroad, while you can read some short stories for free on my website.

FYI: Only the fiction books will be in paperback version. All my guides will be available only in ebook format

More Information About My Books & Short Stories

I sell my books on Amazon because it has the largest market for books, be it paperbacks or ebooks. And its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service works very well and provides self-published authors like myself not only a large platform to sell my works but an easy way to do so.

Recently, I chose Gumroad to sell my guides because that platform is more suited to products in the self-help/how-to guides. While Amazon has those categories too, I feel my guides can be found easier through a site like Gumroad which is dedicated to helping independent creators find and build an audience.

What Am I Currently Working On?

I am currently writing the first draft of a novel I started in 2021, It’s Too Late. I’m about halfway done with the novel and I’m trying to get the firs draft completed by the end of 2022.