Aren’t You Afraid Of Death?

“Aren’t You Afraid Of Death” features two men sit at a table in the back of an empty neighborhood bar, the early afternoon sunlight filtering through thin white curtain drawn shut. Periodically a shadow travels along the curtains as a stranger walks along the sidewalk next to the bar.

Tobacco fills the room as it snakes up from the straight pipe in Peter’s mouth as Louis relaxes in his chair, rubbing the fingers on his right hand together. As they enjoy a particular brand of scotch whisky the men discuss the question: Aren’t you afraid of death?

aren't you afraid of death featured image

“Oh that. Yes, I remember now. No. No, I am not,” Peter says as he points his brown eyes at Louis.

“You said that so calmly, like it was nothing. Maybe you haven’t fully thought through my question?”

Deep lines emerge on Peter’s forehead as he narrows his glance. “Why would you say a thing like that? Of course I’ve thought your question through. You’re not the first person to ask me that.”

“Oh, is that right,” Louis asks as he uncrosses his legs and leans forward in his chair. “Who was the first person to ask you?”

“Me. I asked myself.”

What Made Me Write Aren’t You Afraid Of Death?

I don’t remember what gave me the inspiration to write this story. I do remember that the thought came into my brain one day and I sat down to write the story in my notebook. Over the course of a couple of days I fleshed the story out.

First, I wrote the interview between Louis and Peter. I pictured the interview taking place in a room at first. I changed it to a bar in a second revision because that fit better. Plus, I think this discussion fits better in a bar in the middle of the day between two older men who didn’t have much to do that day except drink and smoke and ponder big questions like ones regarding death.

But, yeah, I don’t remember the exact thing to prompt me to write this. Probably something I heard while watching a video on YouTube, or something I read on Twitter. Whatever the reason I wrote a nice short story and I release it out to the world to read.

Where Can You Find This Story?

You can download the short story in PDF format by clicking the button below: