I’m In Love!

“I’m In Love!” follows an office romance between Alan and Cindy. The pair spends much time around each other in the office, watching videos together during lunch. Cindy loves Alan and hopes they will become a couple one day.

However, Alan is in love with another woman he met on an online dating app. When Alan goes through an emergency and needs helps, Cindy steps in and saves him. She hopes her actions shows Alan how much she loves him but will he?

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“Good, we’re alone. Do you think they are seeing each other,” Julia asks in a whisper. “That’s the rumor going around.”

Chuck leans forward in his chair. “I don’t think so.”

“But they spend so much time together at work. They sit together all the time at lunch, talking and watching videos together. Oh, and they always sit next to each other in meetings.”

“I think Cindy really likes Alan, but I feel Alan doesn’t like Cindy like that.”

Julia gasps, bringing her hand up to the her mouth.

“Plus, Alan sees other women. He talked about a woman he’s really into all day Friday. He met her on one of the various dating apps he’s on.”

“Then why does he spend so much time with Cindy?”

What Made Me Write I’m In Love!?

I’ve worked in many offices during my adulthood, and I’ve seen quite a few office romances during that time. Sometimes the coworkers would do their best to hide their affair, which would work sometimes, but more often not. Or they would flaunt their attraction, openly flirting with each before everyone.

Some of these romances became long-term relationship, or a marriage. However, sometimes they failed. And I’ve seen some of those failures at work.

So after seeing another one recently, I got the idea to write this down. Turns out this became the longest short story I wrote so far this year. Mostly because I had fun writing it, and the various characters drew me in. As of a result, I wanted to see what was going to happen between Alan and Cindy even though I am the writer.

I spent a considerable amount of time on this story, and had to rewrite the ending because I didn’t like it. However, the finish piece now available for download I am very proud of. As of right now, “I’m In Love!” is my favorite short story I’ve written so this year. I hope you enjoy it too!

Where Can You Find This Story?

You can download a sample of the short story below (in PDF format). The full story is in the “Seven Short Stories” collection on Amazon for $2.99.