Make Your Future Self Successful

“Make Your ‘Future-Self’ Successful By Making The Proper Decisions Today!” available on Amazon or Gumroad for $5.

make your future-self successful

Are you stuck in “exist mode?” I was throughout in my 20’s. I worked to pay bills, and had only one aspiration for my life which I didn’t achieve after trying for years. Yet, when I turned 30 that’s when I knew it was time for a change. I sought out how to not only improve my life then but also my future.

“Make Your ‘Future-Self’ Successful By Making The Proper Decisions Today!” is a guide for those stuck in “exist mode” who want to not only improve their present lives but their future lives too.

This guide teaches the reader how to take and implement the lessons the author used to make her “Future-Self” successful step-by-step. In addition, this book helps the reader connect with their “Future-Self” so he or she can continue making the proper decision to improve their future.

From there, the guide assists the reader on how to create a plan for their future along with how to analyze their decisions so he or she can stop any wrong choices from negatively affecting their future.

Finally, the guide goes into detail on how to understand and move on from your past mistakes, and how to recognize when you are making an improper decision that could damage your future.

Make Your Future Self Successful: What Made Me Write This?

I wrote this book to help others improve their lives, frankly. I don’t like seeing people make the same mistakes I made, so if I see them about to make them then I try to stop them. I’m not always successful as some people want to learn the hard way.

In addition, too many don’t think about our future. I blame our teaching by our parents and our school systems. Yes, our parents or teachers may ask us what we want to be when we grow up, but they don’t teach us to think about our future beyond that.

We don’t know how to analyze our decisions due to the lack of critical-thinking and/or logic skills taught today. Thus, many of us make short-sighted choices which can negatively affect our future, sometimes permanently. I’m pushing hard for people to make critical thinking and using logic popular again.

Where Can You Find This Ebook?

You can purchase my ebook from Amazon or Gumroad for $5.