Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners

“Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners” available on Amazon or Gumroad for $5.

securing your wordpress website for beginners

“Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners” is a how-to guide that helps beginners secure their WordPress website easily using best-practices, tools, and various plugins instead of hiring an experienced professional.

This how-to guide explains how to protect and secure a WordPress installation and website to a beginner using easy-to-understand language and steps. Hence, this guide is for anyone and the individuals doesn’t need any professional website design or WordPress experience. In turn, anyone can secure their website against hackers, scammers, spammers, and other bad actors using my guide.

I discuss the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Why to choose WordPress over other software
  • How to secure your web hosting account
  • Best practices for monitoring changes to your web hosting account
  • Securing your website’s traffic with a SSL certificate
  • How to choose the proper SSL certificate depending on your needs
  • Securing your WordPress installation (core files, content, etc.)
  • What admin usernames to avoid
  • How to properly manage roles
  • The different backup tools and/or plugins you can use
  • How to find trusted themes and/or plugins
  • A list of the types of security plugins you should consider installing

Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners: What Made Me Write This?

I wrote “Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners” because I follow many writers on Twitter, and many of them either have a website and some of those websites aren’t secure at all. Others have a little security but need more. Finally, some writers know they need better protection but don’t know where to start.

The topic of WordPress would always come up during these discussions and I would highly recommend this Content Management System because I’ve used it for over a decade now. However, I use self-hosted WordPress which takes more experience and time to learn and use. Thus, I would push these writers to using which allows them to create a beautiful website but not have to handle all the maintenance stuff.

Yet, is limiting in many ways and can be quite expensive over time. That’s why I wrote this guide because self-hosted WordPress, even for a blog or simple website, can be much cheaper if a person is willing to take on some of the responsibility. And through the guide I tell readers exactly what they have to do to secure and maintain their WordPress website.

Where Can You Find This Ebook?

You can purchase my ebook from Amazon or Gumroad for $5.