Seven Short Stories

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seven short stories

This is a collection of fiction short stories dealing with topics such as dealing with grief, racked by guilt, finding out the uncomfortable truth, the struggles of low-income workers, and questioning the experts.

The Stories Included In Seven Short Stories

“Phantom Visions”
The one question everyone asks when they see Davey: “Why did you cut off your hand?”

Davey knows why but he won’t tell. But on the anniversary of his wife’s death, he relives that tragic day, and what he did with that same hand that’s now missing.

“The Work Commute”
A narrator describes their work commute through the course of a work week. Each day the narrator describes how their work commute differs. Discussing the body language of the other commuters. Why coworkers wish to get into car accidents. How the weather affects people’s moods. And why it’s futile to work for the weekend.

“Friday, Payday”
Lester works in a convenience store on the second shift (3pm to 12am). On Friday, a payday, he narrates his shift, describing the various customers entering the store to cash their checks.

As the day passes, Lester wonders about life as he restocks beer, talks to this coworkers, and hopes he doesn’t get caught in the rain after work.

“I Don’t Want To Die”
“I Don’t Want To Die” features Grandma, who is in her 80s, and doesn’t like getting old. Her mobility is severely decreased, and she has various pains and poor eyesight.

Jessica describes the last last years of Grandma’s life as she helps her mom, Linda, take care of her. During this, Jessica wonders why Grandma hates her wheelchair and who will take care of her when she becomes old.

“You Don’t Want To Be Me”
As the saying goes: “Never meet your heroes.”

“You Don’t Want To Be Me” follows Vicky Alexander, a technology journalist. She interviews one of her icons, Angela Johnson, a successful startup founder turned venture capitalist. During the interview, Vicky discovers the woman she admires doesn’t match her impression. Thus, the interview to take a disastrous turn.

“I’m In Love!”
“I’m In Love!” follows an office romance between Alan and Cindy. The pair spends much time around each other in the office, watching videos together during lunch. Cindy loves Alan and hopes they will become a couple one day. However, Alan is in love with another woman he met on an online dating app. When Alan goes through an emergency and needs helps, Cindy steps in and saves him. She hopes her actions shows Alan how much she loves him but will he?

“The Essentials”
A disease ravages the country. This causes the states to create a law forcing all Non-Essential people to stay home to work and attend school. However, the world must continue to run so the government creates a new class of workers: The Essentials.

Bartholomew Kinsey is one of these workers. The story follows him as he works through his shift as a Grocery Pickup & Delivery Technician. He deals with the mental stress of social isolation, while questioning the government’s actions. Finally, Bartholomew is unsure of the medical community and the drug companies working to cure the disease.

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