The Bishop’s Robe

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the bishop's robe

I am a Getter. That’s what my clients call me and the select number of thieves in this racket. I don’t care for the nickname ‘cause I am a thief, but the name makes the clients feel better about the crimes they’re payin’ us to commit. But they still look down on us as common thugs. A part of me doesn’t care. And another part of me tells me I should care about how my clients look at me.

The Bishop’s Robe: What Is This Book About?

Here’s the book blurb from “The Bishop’s Robe:”

Sylvia “Sly” Kent is a Getter (a professional thief) living in Atlanta, GA and steals items and goods for her wealthy clients. One of her clients, Dietrich Hoffman, offers her a $1 million dollar job to steal a bishop’s cassock and surplice (which she calls a bishop’s robe).

Lured by the money, Sylvia takes the job but it goes poorly and she’s forced to learn a stronger lesson about her criminal lifestyle.

This novella is an action/adventure story revolving around thieves and unlikable wealthy people and luxury items and high stakes and an ancient curse.

The Bishop’s Robe: What Made Me Write This?

I original wrote this book in 2012 and self-published it in the same year on Amazon (on the Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (on the Nook). Just like with “The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow,” “The Bishop’s Robe” was the novella I wrote when I first got serious about writing in my early 20s. Thus, I can’t remember the inspiration about the book. I don’t have any of my notes from that time period anymore, just the file containing the text.

Rewriting The Book

Since this was the first novella I wrote my writing style and prowess wasn’t good, frankly. I decided to rewrite this book after I rewrote “The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow” in early 2021. I found a few typos that made through the final copy and but overall the story was solid. Thus, I kept the plot the same but added some new characters, improved others, and added better character descriptions and changed the ending completely.

After about 2 to 2.5 months of rewrites and edits I finally completed the new edition, one that I’m really proud of. Now it’s available on Amazon for purchase.

Where Can You Find This Book?

This book is currently available on Amazon for $0.99 (ebook) or $5.99 (paperback).