The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow

“The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow” available on Amazon.

the fall and damnation of curtis callow

I’m not a good boy ‘cause I think evil thoughts. I wasn’t taught to think like that by Spinster Momma ‘cause she was a God-Fearing woman. My evil thoughts come from my own momma and daddy ‘cause they ain’t good people. I only know what they showed me and that made me a bad boy.

The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow: What Is This Book About?

“The Fall and Damnation of Curtis Callow” shows how wrong decisions not only destroys one’s life but the lives of others when one allows their rage to dictate their choices.

Curtis Callow didn’t want to go to Atlanta with his coworker but did because he feared losing his job. His coworker was the son of a manager at the store and could make Curtis’ work life difficult. And when Curtis found his mother, who abandoned him at six years old, working at an establishment outside of the city he knew he made a terrible decision to come on the trip.

Curtis allows the pain of his difficult childhood to consume him and murders his mother. Back in Macon, he goes back to living his life until he discovers the location of his missing father. His childhood pain returns, causing Curtis to make the wrong decision again, and he murders his father.

Now on the run, Curtis finds himself in Husker, Georgia, an unfamiliar small town filled with some ununsual residents. He decides to create a new life in the town but finds that’s problematic when he gets caught in some of the residents’ complicated lives.

The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow: What Made Me Write This?

I original wrote this book in 2009 and self-published it in 2010 on Amazon (on the Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (on the Nook). “The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow” was one of the first novels I wrote when I first got serious about writing in my early 20s. Thus, I can’t remember the inspiration about the book. I don’t have any of my notes from that time period anymore, just the file containing the text.

Rewriting The Book

Since this was one of the first novels I worked on my writing style and prowess wasn’t good, frankly. And when I got the idea to rewrite this book in early 2021 I was afraid of reading my words. I thought I was cringe from embarrassment but I didn’t. Although I saw typos that made through the final copy and I made portions of the plot over-complicated, the “bones” of the story/plot was good. Because of that I knew I could rewrite it.

After about 3 to 4 months of rewrites and edits I finally completed the new edition, one that I’m really proud of. Now it’s available on Amazon for purchase. At the end of the day we writers have to start somewhere. Our first works, be it books or short stories or poetry will not be good. Sometimes it’s pretty bad. However, we can’t let that stop us from writing. If we do then we will never write.

Where Can You Find This Book?

This book is currently available on Amazon for $2.99 (ebook) or $7.99 (paperback).