The First War

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the first war

Man will rule over Earth. Not only that, Man can create. For some reason this bothers me. I don’t understand why though.

The First War: What Made Me Write This?

I wrote the “The First War” a few years ago at least. Actually, I can’t remember when I started this book. I wrote the outline and a few chapters and then stopped. The years passed by and I didn’t work on the story again until earlier this year.

What made me write “The First War” is partly due to my belief in Christianity and partly due to my curiosity about Satan rebelling against God. I did research off and on about the topic for years, and I started to develop my own theories about Satan disobeying God, and then turning a good number of angels against God too.

I did worry about making Satan appear as a compassionate figure in this story because of the evil he caused and continues to cause daily. However, I came to realize while writing the book that my concern was unfounded. In my opinion, Satan allows jealousy to corrupt his entire being even though he knows it’s wrong. Even when he has the chance to redeem himself in God’s eyes, Satan doesn’t. Thus, he is not a compassionate or even a likable character.

Overall, these theories of mine became a short story that over time developed into a novella. Why I did I choose the novella format? The story isn’t long enough for a novel. Yet, the story has a little over 20,000 words. Many writers want to write a novel but writers must also know which stories are novel-worthy when others should be a short story or a novella.

Where Can You Find This Book?

This book is currently available on Amazon for $0.99 (ebook) or $5.99 (paperback).