The Modern-Day Saul

“The Modern-Day Saul” is a short story about Miles, a young man caught up in the fury of the protests in America, who transforms his misplaced anger into violence. This happens from the negative influence of like-minded individuals he finds online and meets in person. Miles starts attacking street preachers at the protests due to his misplaced anger, earning the nickname “No God.” At one protest Miles goes to attack another preacher but someone stops him and pushes him to the ground. Miles cracks his head against the ground, becoming blind as a result. During his journey into darkness he hears the voice of God and has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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Time passed and Miles attended a few more protests with his like-minded friends. Each time he successfully found and attacked a street preacher or someone displaying passages from the Bible. Each time Miles wasn’t chased or caught. At one of the meetings back in their city one of the like-minded group members asked Miles:

“Why do you always go after the preachers?”

He responded:

“Because the Bible-Thumpers do nothing to actually change the world for the better. They lie to everyone, telling them God’s gonna fix everything if we just believe and follow his rules. There is no God. And there ain’t no Heaven. If we want the world to change for the better we gotta do the work ourselves.”

The group called Miles “No God” afterwards and he grew to enjoy the nickname. It not only succinctly explained his worldview, but endeared him with the group as all of them were atheists too.

What Made Me Write The Modern-Day Saul?

I wrote “The Modern-Day Saul” because of the rash of protests all throughout America in 2020 and 2021. Watching the coverage online I saw so many angry people out there protesting and/or attacking people to “change the world.” Other angry young people took advantage of the situation and looted stores. Then there were groups of people burning down buildings thinking that would resolve their problems.

After seeing that and how the anger didn’t dissipate after the protests I wrote the story. I wanted to capture everything I seen in the Miles character. He wants to belong and finds a group to accept him. Yet, this group corrupts his thoughts and behaviors, turning him into a person he comes to hate. That’s why Miles takes out his anger against the street preachers because they stand for something greater than themselves.

Finally, I wanted to write about Saul’s transformation into Paul because Paul The Apostle is one of my favorite apostles. And I could see Saul’s transformation happening in today’s world because the circumstances are just right.

Where Can You Find This Story?

You can download the short story in PDF format by clicking the button below: