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Xbox Developer Direct Coming January 25th?

xbox developer direct
Windows Central states per its sources there will be a new showcase on January 25th to discuss games like Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and others.

Windows Central reports today their sources told the publication that Microsoft will have a new showcase for their Xbox console called the Xbox Developer Direct. This showcase will happen on January 25th, and will discuss various games like Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends to name a few. However, we must remember this is a rumor and Microsoft hasn’t responded about this report at the time of this article’s publication.

What Is The Xbox Developer Direct?

So what is the Xbox Developer Direct? According to Windows Central it is a showcase featuring “an intimate look at major games for 2023, as Microsoft seeks to ramp up transparency and frequency on upcoming Xbox games.”

Also, this event appears to be a new creation and will be “part of a new initiative from Microsoft and Xbox to offer information on upcoming games more frequently, outside of the major E3 and Game Awards marketing beats.”

This event sounds similar to a Nintendo Direct, which focuses on upcoming first-party and third-party games for the Nintendo Switch.

What Games Will Make An Appearance?

According to Windows Central games like Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft legends will make an appear. However, the highly-anticipated game Starfield will not. It appears that game will skip this event to have an showcase all of its own. This makes sense because if this event provides a deeper look into each game, Starfield appears to be so large it would dominate this showcase.

Also, I think think this event will focus on games coming out in the next few months. Rumor has it Redfall will come out in May 2023. And Bethesda has a support article stating Starfield will release within the first half of 2023. In my opinion I think it may release in July 2023. However, there’s a new rumor the game could release on International Day of Human Space Flight which is April 12, 2023. I don’t think the game will release that quickly, especially since it would be close to the rumor Redfall release date in May.

We’ll have to continue to be patient and wait to see if the Xbox Developer Direct happens, and when the upcoming games will release.

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[…] learned today the Xbox Developer_Direct covered in my previous article is real! Which is nice to see since I wanted the event to happen. Let’s review the official […]

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