Answers At Last

“Answers At Last” is a piece of flash fiction about a recently-deceased person wanting to give God a piece of their mind in Heaven. The individual creates a large commotion while waiting line to speak to God, and gives Saint Peter a hard time as he tries to keep order. The commotion finally draws the attention of God, who enters the space to lead the angry individual away to talk.

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“I want to talk to God now!”

“I told you before that you have to wait your turn just as everyone else is doing.”

“I will not! I’ve waited a long time for this moment: To talk to God face-to-face. I want to give him a piece of my mind. Now!”

The other people waiting in line near the commotion look at their neighbors, exchanging raised eyebrows and pursed lips. One person shakes their head while another stares at their feet.

“Please get back in line and –”

The speaker stops talking when a hand lands on their left shoulder, causing the speaker to turn around and look.

“Father! What are you doing here?”

“The argument brought me here.”

“I’m sorry, Father. I tried to explain that –”

“Peter, do not worry. It is not your fault. Come, my child. I will speak with you now.”

What Made Me Write Answers At Last?

I can’t remember the inspiration behind “Answers At Last.” I do remember the thought hit me one night earlier this year to write down this idea and I did. From there I spent the next couple of nights handwriting this story. Then the story stayed in my notebook for quite some time before I typed it on my computer. I had a bunch going on earlier this year with working and searching for a new house. My writing took a back seat due to lack of time.

The story didn’t go through many changes as it only had maybe three drafts at the most. It’s a short, short story so there wasn’t any need for extensive edits. I didn’t see this idea expanding out into a proper short story. However, I wanted to tell the story.

Overall, I’m happy with the execution of this piece. I don’t write much flash fiction so this story is an exercise in doing that. Maybe I will try this again because it’s short enough to grab people’s quick attention spans today. Plus, a story like this would work on social media, especially if I had a great voice-over artist read it. In addition, I’m happy with the conclusion of this piece. The ending is sudden but the reader can tell what happens. Finally, I like the build up to the ending. We should always be careful of our words and actions. I think that goes especially so when one’s audience involves God.

Where Can You Find This Story?

You can download the short story in PDF format by clicking the button below: