I write fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories), and non-fiction (how-to guides and self-help books), and self-publish my works on Amazon (ebook and paperback versions) and Gumroad (ebook only).

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I’ve worked in the Information Technology field for over 14 years now, and I’m currently working toward becoming a Web Developer. I keep track of my journey online.


I’m an entrepreneur running an online store selling my custom-designed clothing & accessories. I also freelance on Fiverr, providing services like writing blog posts and formatting ebooks.

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  • My Experience Renovating A House

    My Experience Renovating A House

    I recently purchased my second house. This time I chose an as-in house that needs work. I need that going in but I was fine with that because I’m pretty handy and I don’t mind doing some work myself. This journey isn’t for all home-buyers, however. Especially if you can’t or don’t want to do […]

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  • Give Viewers What They Want…To A Point

    Give Viewers What They Want…To A Point

    When I talk to those wanting to create a YouTube channel one of the top questions is how to become popular on the platform. My advice is this: Determine what you want to make and what the public wants to watch. And once you find what attracts views then give viewers what they want to […]

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  • Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos

    Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos

    I give advice to individuals starting their YouTube channels and one of the questions I get is about comments. Yes, I know that YouTube comments can be a pain to say the least. However, they are critical to the success of your channel. So don’t disable comments on your YouTube videos. Why? I’ll explain why […]

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My advice to anyone making videos about DSP or WingsOfRedemption or even Amberlynn Reid is that you add original content to your videos instead of uploading clips of their videos with small changes.

This isn't a fool-proof way to avoid copyright strikes, however.

Fixing up the kitchen is going to take more time. I'm going to get it to a functional state and work on it throughout the rest of the year.

My grandma called me fat this morning. I replied that's she's gotten fat too.

Y'all, she went speechless! I guess she thought I would not respond that way. Well, she learned today.

And I bet she won't call me fat again.

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