I write fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories), and non-fiction (how-to guides and self-help books), and self-publish my works on Amazon (ebook and paperback versions) and Gumroad (ebook only).

Tech Pro

I’ve worked in the Information Technology field for over 14 years now, and I’m currently working toward becoming a Web Developer. I keep track of my journey online.


I’m an entrepreneur running an online store selling my custom-designed clothing & accessories. I also freelance on Fiverr, providing services like writing blog posts and formatting ebooks.

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  • New Short Stories Available For Download

    New Short Stories Available For Download

    I’ve been busy with multiple projects recently, which is why I haven’t published any new blog posts on my website for quite some time. One of those projects is writing. And now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor! There are new short stories available for download on my Writer page. What Are The […]

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  • One Month Of No Social Media

    One Month Of No Social Media

    I recently marked my one month of no social media anniversary. I should’ve uploaded this post on the exact day of the anniversary but I forgot. While looking at the calendar recently to make some plans I realize the passage of time since deleting my Twitter account. If you click on that post I go […]

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  • Two Weeks Of No Social Media

    Two Weeks Of No Social Media

    Today, September 10, marks two week of no social media for me. On August 26 I deleted my Twitter account which was the last social media platform I had an account on. So how has my life been without using any social media? Read on to find out. Two Weeks Of No Social Media And […]

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