As of 5/18/24 I’ve privated all my articles due to some content guidelines I didn’t follow as a Google employee. There are rules about discussing my role, and interview tips, and things of that nature that I thought I followed properly, but I didn’t.

To fall within those guidelines means extensive editing. Basically I would need to rewriting many posts. After much decision I’ve decided not to due to time constraints.

I know this is a shock to everyone, and I understand if you unsubscribe.

What will I do with my website? I’m going to create a new one using a domain name I own, but haven’t used in a long time. There, I’m going to discuss my writing career since I self-publish fiction books on Amazon.

Plus, I’ll talk about my favorite books, and tour used bookstores and take pictures. I love that!


Brittany Gates standing before the Google logo