I write fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories), and non-fiction (how-to guides and self-help books), and self-publish my works on Amazon (ebook and paperback versions) and Gumroad (ebook only).

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I’ve worked in the Information Technology field for over 14 years now, and I’m currently working toward becoming a Web Developer. I keep track of my journey online.


I’m an entrepreneur running an online store selling my custom-designed clothing & accessories. I also freelance on Fiverr, providing services like writing blog posts and formatting ebooks.

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  • Give Viewers What They Want…To A Point

    Give Viewers What They Want…To A Point

    When I talk to those wanting to create a YouTube channel one of the top questions is how to become popular on the platform. My advice is this: Determine what you want to make and what the public wants to watch. And once you find what attracts views then give viewers what they want to […]

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  • Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos

    Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos

    I give advice to individuals starting their YouTube channels and one of the questions I get is about comments. Yes, I know that YouTube comments can be a pain to say the least. However, they are critical to the success of your channel. So don’t disable comments on your YouTube videos. Why? I’ll explain why […]

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  • How To Review YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities

    How To Review YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities

    After you develop a sizable subscriber base on YouTube you will get emails from companies offering you money to advertise their product or service. And you may not know what to do. Should you take the money? What does the company want you to do? Do you have a sign a contract? These are questions […]

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Working with a general contractor requires patience and that's something I have to actively work on.

I'm a doer. I want to get something done as soon as possible. However, in construction that's not always possible. So I need to be patient.

I have so much sanding to do after pulling off the ugly wallpaper in the master bathroom. I have a mask this time so I don't mess up my nose as I did before.

After that I need to do some patching with spackling and then sand again.

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