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My name is Brittany Gates, and this is my website where I discuss all things data centers and my creative writing journey.

Yes, I know that’s a weird mixture but by day I work at Google as a Data Center Technician, and by night I write. I write novels, novellas, short stories, and how-to guides. You can purchase my books on Amazon and read my short stories below.

So take your time and look around. I have various blog posts about my time working in the Twitter 1.0 data center in Atlanta, GA, covering news reports about the data center industry, and what I’m currently writing.

If you want to get in touch with me you can always email me, or you can contact me via social media. I do my best to respond back quickly but it can take up to 24 hours due to work. 

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I uploaded my WordPress ebook onto my website so everyone can read it for free!

This guide helps beginners build a business website with WordPress instead of paying a freelancer or agency to do so.

My ebook covers the following topics:

  • Purchasing a domain name for the business.
  • Choosing the correct type of web hosting.
  • What a SSL certificate is, and how to choose the correct one for the website.
  • How to secure the WordPress installation from hackers.
  • Options to create a staging site to build the business website.
  • Using page builder plugins to build the website.
  • How to test the website’s performance.
  • When to publish the website so the public can use it.

My Books

Here is a small collection of my books available to purchase on Amazon. You can click on the link to view my additional titles.

Both paperback and ebook editions are available to purchase.

My Short Stories

This section displays my short stories available to read free on my website. I’m moving the stories slowly from Wattpad to my website.

Below each cover is a summary about each story.

In Heaven a line of recently-deceased people wait in line to talk to God. One of those people, The Angry Individual, causes a scene to talk to God now. What happens next is an argument between The Angry Individual and God their unhappy Earthly life.

Louis and Peter sit at a bar enjoying Scotch whisky and pipe tobacco discussing the following question: Aren’t you afraid of death? Louis is, but Peter isn’t. Louis asks his friend how he got over his fear. What Peter states next not only angers his friends but also confuses him.

Dr. Meredith Meyers, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, speaks about her controversial view of marriage during an interview with Janet McCullen, a relationship influencer with over a million followers on TikTok.

Lucy receives a surprise marriage proposal from her friend, Burt. Instead of accepting it, Lucy asks Burt why he wants to marry her and this starts a tense conversation between the two.

Medicamen Pharmaceutical bullies Director Johnson of the NIAID to force the American public to take their new drug because it is not selling well. Now Director Johnson is in a tough position: Follow through the company’s directive or tell the American public.

Sharon cheats on her boyfriend, Bradley, with her flaky ex-boyfriend Shane. Realizing her ex isn’t interested in a relationship, Sharon tries to get Bradley back. Will Bradley take her back, or will he move on?

Miles is an angry young man seeking purpose. Unfortunately, he finds it in the wrong group of people and become a rioter who attacks street preachers. One he attacks the wrong preacher and receives a blow to the head. Now he hears the voice of God. Will Miles follow what the Lord says?

In 2032 Americans voted for authoritarian rule for the over-reaching welfare the government promised. Twenty-two years later one American citizen tries to bring back democratic rule.

Oslo Tang, a billionaire, accepts an award at an award ceremony and the crowd boos him. Oslo confronts the angry individuals, seeking to understand why they hate him.