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Canned Salmon: I Love It

a salmon jumping out of a river | canned salmon

Canned salmon is a great inexpensive way to eat wild salmon, which is why I love it! Plus, there’s many ways to use it in meals.

Eat Meat On The Cheap!

a bowl of ground meat | eat meat

Eating meat can bust your food budget, which is why this post provides three ways to eat meat on the cheap!

Stop Drinking Soda In Three Steps

various two liter sodas | stop drinking soda

Stop drinking soda! How can you do that? Read my article that provides three easy-to-follow steps. Improve your health, and save money.

Keto On A Budget

a tray of uncook salmon and asparagus | keto on a budget

Doing Keto on a budget is possible today even with high prices from inflation, and I tell you how using the tips I follow consistently.

Stop Eating Sugar In One Week

a pile of doughnuts | stop eating sugar

Here’s how you can stop eating sugar in one week so you can improve your health and save you money on dental bills.